Blog Qualifications

I must be getting old. I’m 27 years of age and I have no grasp of todays technology and of what’s hip nowadays. (I don’t even think they use the term “nowadays” nowadays) Anywho. One thing that is popular now, you may have noticed I haven’t been keeping up with is: BLOGGING.

I was introduced to this term by a Computer nerd (or as they like to be called “Computer Pro”) He told me that a Blog is really just a Public Diary, the name BLOG just sounds cooler.

With the invention of the blog people could read inserts of other people’s diary online. Get to know what they think. Likes and dislikes. I suppose we need not meet people in real life anymore thanks to the convinience of the internet.

Or perhaps I Should have said IRL instead of spelling it. It saves time after all. I mean WTF is wrong with us in this day and age? R we 2 stoopid 2 utilize hour own speak ROFLOL! (if you can’t read this you are on the right track.)

Perhaps I’m being to harsh. In a way the internet and blogging in general has it’s benifits. Or should I say benifactors. There are bloggars actually making money off it! Why? Because you happen to live in Hollywood and everynight bump into a celebrity beg them to be in a picture you later post on your myspace and tell stories of them like: He was nice or she was a bitch. I’m sure curious readers line up to know what happened at someone’s release party or at that premier. But what about the average guy from Aimes, Iowa? What’s he gonna write about? Corn? Would you read a blog about Corn?

I don’t read blogs. Maybe I should. I might be missing something. A key ingredient in making a blog. So far my entry sounds more like a rant. A hopfully entertaining rant that people would want more of.

Isn’t that realy what it’s all about? Attention. I’ll be honest, that’s why I’m writing this and trying to maintain a blog right now. I want people to be curious about me. I want people to want to know my oppinion and respect me. I guess I figure if you can’t beat’em join ’em.

I remember Diaries used to be sold with little key and locks on them, back when diaries were books with hand written pages in ’em. Doesn’t it seem like if you’re someone who posts blogs up for the world to see filled with your thoughts and hopes and dreams that it might qualify as a cry for attention.

When you are done reading this, send me a comment or subscribe even, tell me if you agree or disagree and afterwards stand up rub your eyes and go for a walk outside.


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