Chocolate Party!

Here’s an interesting concept. I was invited to a party recently and the theme apparently was Chocolate! So everyone


attending had to bring their own chocolate and share it with everyone else. Brilliant! I showed up with Mmmarabou chocolate with my favorite flavor nuts and raisens. Unfortunetly like almost everyone else had the same idea. Three giant chocolate bars of the same flavor is ridiculous. Luckily not every great mind thought alike that night and brought many different varieties. One thing I noticed clearly was everyone there was not swedish. Except for two girls but I brought one of them with me and the other left as quickly as she arrived. Everyone else was of another country. Which was kinda refreshing! Not only did everyone speak english , which is fun for me (I find I’m hillarious when speaking my “father” tounge to most strangers.) plus we were all the same age roughly and had a fondness for graghic novels!

I gotta admit the party is not what I expected. It was better.

I was so full of chocolate by the end of the night it wasn’t even funny.

So if you wanna have fun and pull together a party give everyone an objective like supply a theme. (“Everyone bring Alcohol” doesn’t count!)

I was once invited to a baking party! That was huge fun. You bring your own ingredience and join a bunch of friends for a bake off! then you partake in a wonderful array of delicious pastories. Do that with some good friends and good music it’s the best night in!

Try it out! Have this weekend!

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