Is it Stalking when Celebrities are after me?

Well I just found out I’m doing this blog backwards. What I’m supposed to do is write about everything I’m up to and even the things I’m planning on doing. Instead I’ve been writing about it after I’ve done them. Which gives you, the readers, nothing to look forward to. I’ll correct this mistake as soon as humanly possible. For now you’ll have to read an update on everything I got going.

Stinsen Train

my new office

I got a Job. On monday I went to Gothenburg for an job interview. It’s for Stinsen Sightseeing. You guys who live in Gothenburg know what I’m talking about. It’s that little “Train” that take turist on a trip around the city pointing out place and telling stories. That’s me! This summer I’ll be in one of these little trains running the show! it’s gonna be fun!

Possibly another job. I went to stockholm this week for an audition for Wallmans! Wallmans is the leading Dinner Show franchise in Sweden and allot of performers who work there have gone on to become famous artist in sweden. So working there does sound pretty good. I went in to the audition I sang my song. Two or three of the jury members (if you will) have worked with me before and know me. Either they say, “Yeah he’s good and if he gets the job we know he can do great things.” or “I dunno I remember him being better, oh well. NEXT!” Either way I’m okay with it. I feel like leaving to live somewhere else for work might upset some of the progress i’ve made in my other endeavors. So no hard feelings if I don’t get it, I’ve got other stuff to do. But if they do want me to work for them and offer me of all places STOCKHOLM! It’s harder to turn down. I love performing. it’s part of who I am. It’s something I’ll allways be able to do, God willing, just with different paygrades.


Imagine me somewhere in this pic

STHLM It has to be said that the city of Stockholm is one of my favorites. Sure the people are always in a hurry, it’s really cold this time a year, and lot’s of people are incredibly superficial. But so are allot of places. Big city life can be glorious! Now there are two thing that happen when I visit the city.

1. I recognize celebrities. (Or think some strangers have been on tv before, which is possable.)

2. Meet up with old friends and aquaintences either on purpose or serindipidously.

So the following is a list of people I saw/met in no particular order.



Lars Winnerbäck (famous musician buying grocieries)


Blossom (not the sitcom)

Blossom Tainton (Fittness guru, Owner of Blossom Magazine, and Pop artist)

Cute huh?

Sara Sommarfeldt (Actress who hasn’t been in anything in a while)

Anna Axelsson (A good friend who offered me her soffabed while I was there. She also happens to be like the coolest girl I know. Like a Boss!)

Alex Vega (Member of La Familia, which is what we called ourselves when we worked in Mallorca together.)

Viktor Johansson (Performer at Golden Hits, first time I met him I dropped him on his head. He knows what I mean.)

Diggyloo Diggyley!

Rickard Herrey (Winner of a song contest the year of my birth and proud owner of the afore mentioned Golden Hits Dinner show resturaunt)

Hanna Bergkvist (my former Co-worker in Mallorca and the cutest girl. )

The Ark

the Ark (Practically the entire band was just standing in the train station including front man Ola Salo, although I never got a good look at his face. Possibly on thier way to the next gig. It’s safe to say i’m a fan.)

Tommy Sandberg (Former Kalix classmate, we studied film together untill he disapeared under mystirious circumstances. I found out he’s still alive.)

My Svensdotter (We were in a amature musical together. Also like the cutest girl. She’s in Saudi Arabia now.)

Sara Lönnström (Mallorca was a place where i met allot of people. She’s one of them.)

It was fun to hang out with you guys and at the very least say hi to most of you. It made my trip to Stockholm that much more fun.

And now you know what I’ve been up to for the past couple of days! See ya!

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