One Synthisizes.

Just came home from Jazz Huset and I gotta admit I had fun tonight. Like I said I was there to help out a friend. Truth is I barely know her, but she’s cute and I figure what the hey, ya gotta have some fun. So I show up to the soundcheck and before I reach the door I’m distracted by bright lights and a whole filmcrew. “What’s this all about?” I ask a woman in a yellow reflector vest whose sole purpose for the eavning was to make sure guy’s like me don’t wander into the shot. “We are shooting the sequel to Sommaren Med Göran.

Sommaren med göran

Movie Poster

Quick Review of that movie! It’s the story of a thirty-something romantic named Göran who manages to go about wooing the ladies with disasterous results. Allot of the comedy is very broad. Which I liked. Sweden has a tendency to be a bit to cerebral with the yuk yuks sometimes and it allways refreshing to see a film that takes a chance with being conventional and almost Hollywood in it’s approach to story telling. That being said it’s not without it’s problems. I dunno whether to blame the editor or the director for botching some of the jokes execution in the film. I can’t really explain it but I just felt that some of the reveals or reaction shots were way to slow to get the shock laugh you want in a comedy like this. And what’s with the She’s All That style dance sequence that comes out of nowhere. And that song that everyone is dancing to. Are we sure that was the best song for that moment? Feels like they could have found something that wasn’t a forced dance remix to suit the scene better. Those flaws aside the film is a bit preditable but it’s forgivable because the script/actors are pretty solid. Plus three of extras in the film are good friends of mine. Needless to say the film was such a success that it warranted a sequel and with the first one being rather self contained one is curious to what poor Göran will get himself into next time. Nuff Said.

The Concert! Tess was great. She acted very professional both on and off stage. She had a nice voice and attitude that showed in her sexy outfit! With a few more years under her belt she can take over the world! All she needs is a huge hit!

Tess was performing her own songs which can be nerv racking. Unfortunetly I was busy filming so I really couldn’t tell much about the songs lyrically but i thought that one “slow” song had a great beat. After she preformed and My job was done my good friend Anna-Marianne and I had a few drinks and talked. Mostly of the culture we just stepped into. For we were amung the synth/goth crowd. I never felt more black. Some people looked as if you could zap them back to 1985 and no one would find them odder than usual. One guy had latex everything. He was so shiny. A few of the girls looked pretty hot. Women in gloves intrigue me. any way to cut this short I kinda had fun diving head first into a world I know very little about and may have some preconceived notions of. I bonded with a tattooed redhead over a couple who’s weird disagreement resulted in a number of people including me getting wet from a “beer-to-the-face-rejection-manover”. I’m to tired to try and explain what that even means. If you don’t get it ask some who does.

My suggestion for the weekend. Go to a club that is gerally populated with a type of people you normally wouldn’t hang with and see if you get pleasantly supprised. At in rate you will probably have a fun story to tell!

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