I’ll be the Judge of that!

Last week I did something I don’t normally do, I filmed a concert at synth club in Gothenburg. Friday the 4th of this month I’m doing something else I never do, being a judge at an elaborate costume party known as Freak Show in Gothenburg. I’m detecting a pattern.

Well to be honest I’ve heard of Freak Show before and I have been curious. So out of the blue my good friend Anna-Marianne calls me and asked if I wanted to go with her to this huge event and not only that but be a judge! Where do I sign? To be honest this sounds much more fun then the friday I was planning on having. Me alone at home maybe watching a movie. If I get ants in my pants I’ll go for a walk and fantasize about one of my many stories and then come back either feeling invigorated or pathetic.

Freak Show apparently puts together these big parties for the goth crowd and every so often they have a themed costume party. Tomorrow night is Video Game night. That covers allot of ground. You can be virtually anything… video game related. And if I’m one of the judges I wanna be something awsome or at least instantly recognizable. But I only have one prablem. I’m dirt poor! I don’t got that kinda cash to blow on a costume for one night anyhow. So what video game character is practical enough for me to emulate?

Anna-Marianne told me some wild stories about the lengths in which some people go to at these parties. One time a guy actually showed up in an actual Stormtrooper uniform used in the original Star Wars movies. The guy bought it with a friend and they take turns wearing it at occasions like these. Another guy some how managed to get an entire bathtub filled with fake blood to the party and he simply sat in it the whole night. Remember this was a goth party and the theme for the evening was blood so it’s safe to say he was popular. He probably got freaky in that tub too.

I just had a thought. Lara Croft might be there. Or any number of hot video game femme fatals. I wanna dress up but not look like a complete idiot.

People spend months on thier costumes and I got 24 hours! What am I ever gonna do? If anybody reading this has a suggestion comment below! I gotta spend my day raiding my closet and attic in search for something cool and then see if i can make it look like someone… anyone video game related!

I’ll try to take pitcures of the night as it unfolds either way I’ll let you know what happened at the party and who i ended up setteling on!

Game Over

…by the way Check out my latest film review: Harry and the Hendersons. Just look for it in my side bar!


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