Pics and giggles..

Dream Team Hi folks! It’s been a while. Sorry about that! After my crazy week, what with being in Stockholm and back, the very first thing I did when I got home was go to work.

Dreamworld Entertainment, a company I have the pleasure of being affiliated with, had a gig last week outside of Lerum. Ever the bohemeian, I jump at the chance to sing, dance and above all spread joy!

So here are some pictures taken by a member of the audience Cecilia Lindblom.



the five elelments of entertainment

we try to have a little fun when we are up there

The lovely Anna-Marianne having fun with the boss

The black people were left behind

A show well done!

The whole team had a good time show the audience a good time! Afterwards everyone was telling us how amazing we were. The boss of the entire event even added that he heard we were great but he never thought were going to this great! hehe… it was a show well done!


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