Video Game Freakshow!

I’t been a while I know…

I managed to do exactly what I promised I wouldn’t do and I failed to write blogs in advance of certain events and now have to talk about said events in thier aftermath. Lemme do this one blog at a time.

Video Game Freakshow! What a facinating study in human behavior. As soon as I arrived I imediately felt uncomfortable.. It wasn’t because of my preconcieved notions of the goth crowd. It wasn’t because the club was located in a cave deep beneath the surface of a mountain.  No, It was because I stood out like a soar apendage. It wasn’t because I was the only black guy there, there was in fact a dude from like Sri Lanka who was darker then me. It was because the level of handcraftsmenship and attention to detail was off the charts in practically everyone I met. You could tell by looking at me I half-assed this costume together, where as everybody else spent hours and in some cases months putting the final touches on the work of art that was thier outfit.

There was a bunch of photographers there and lots of photo opertunities to be had so since my iPhone doesn’t do well in the dark the following pics are by Benny Tillberg.

Here are some of my personal favorites.

The award for best video game hair...

Stab Cuddley

I don’t know who she was supposed to be but I kinda wanted this outfit. Cute Danger!

Hey it's whats-his-face from the one game

My Final Fantasy would be you and me on an island somewhere ;)

Best Lara Croft

DJ Hugo

A Friggin' Knight

Best use of a box since Metal Gear Solid

Luigi, Ness, and Link

A ligitimently threatening Vega

One of the best Sims

"Wanna Play?"

This guy and another guy dressed up like Tetris were clever

but not as clever as the winners of most original costume the trio to the right in this picture (there is another guy behind the girl). They came as a group and by bouncing bits of cardboard off of eachother stole the heart of this jury member when they explained they represented PONG the first video game ever!

My friend Anna Mariann acted as host and dealt out the prizes.
She even presented a fashion show by a new up and coming desiger

It was a good night all in all. I was amazed at how intensly creative people can be. I guess I can never accuse goth types of being an apathetic lot. If anything they are passionate, daring bunch and I salute you.

Wait, you guys are prabably wondering who I went dressed up as.


Taa daa! wait, what?

Yeah I know that the Joker (especially this incarnation of the character) isn’t considered a Video Game Character. What else was I supposed to do. I was on a budget. The peices of the outfit have just been lying around the house since my birthday party and it would be a shame not use it again. Besides the Joker has been in a number of video games inculding the more recent Batman: Arkham Asylum, DC Universe Online, so at least I had a loop hole.

Another thing, while checking out the pics for this blog I found out that supposedly there was a girl running around at that party that was suposed to be Harley Quinn! It’s a shame we didn’t hang out.

I got two more pics for you!

Captain Jack is Back!

I mentioned the last time I dressed up as the Joker was on my birthday at a party exclusively for movie buffs… sort of. Well I wasn’t the only one in awsome threads. Captain Jack was there too! But now I see the same guy as Jack Sparrow at a video game themed costume party… and I know I’m guilty of the same “crime” but I can’t help but feel this guy doesn’t just wanna dress up like Jack Sparrow. He wants to BE Jack Sparrow.

Last pic is one for the boys!

Damn that's hot!

Game Over

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