I’m soaked!

So the other day I went to work for SilverBulletFilm. I do that sometimes. You may recall seeing me on GothiaCup’s website as the reporter last summer. Anywho, I get a call that they need someone with my expertise and personality to do a little commercial for a new product and without even hearing what the product was I said yes! Work is work, and if I can choose it would be with film or mud wrestling with cast of Sucker Punch but that’s neither here nor there.

Krusell has come out with neat little doohickey for your mobile phone called SealABox. It’s a waterproof casing for your iPhone or what have you. It’s pretty impressive. The front and back of the casing is made of a sheet of silicon allowing for your fingers to registure on your touch phone like normal. The frame is tough enough to withstand being dropped and with it’s airtight casing, you know your phone will be safe from sand, dust and water.

Probably the most impressive is that you can film underwater! Yes, it’s true! If you press record before going under you can film anything and everything you want and with clear picture too! Awsome!

What you don’t believe me? Well checkout this link.

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