Inception for Men

Are you just a normal guy, who never put much energy into going to the gym? Are you an outgoing fellow yet find a deafening lack of female companionship? Do you have working knowlege of sci-fi movies, tv shows, and comicbooks and for some reason have no girlfriend?

Then you need Inception for Men.

You’ve seen the movie. Well Inception for Men works the same way only instead of going into someones dream you create scenarios physically in the real world with the help of your friends.

First things first! You must let go of all the complicated feelings and notions you have about women and except the idea that all women, all human beings for that matter, essentially want the same thing. To be loved.
Sounds pretty generic huh? It’s that simple. The trick, however, is in the details.
A girl wants to feel beautiful, because society has, since day one, put that burden on them. They wanna know all that work paid off.
A girl wants to be seen. This in part ties into my last point. But everyone can agree that feeling you get when being the center of attention for something good you’ve done. Status is an ever present notion that everyone, whether they say they care or not, thinks about. For most girls, the men they date reflect who they are. So the more glamourus the man the more attention she gets from other jealous ladies.
Inception for Men is simply planting a positive idea in your chosen female subject’s mind about yourself.
When finding your subject be sure not to lie but instead highlight certain truths. For example: You are broke and enjoy being creative. Say instead that you very bohemian in a way and live for the art and not the other way around. Get it?
A girl would rather date a Waste Managment Facilitator than a Garbage Man. It’s all in what angle you use to present yourself.

Next your gonna need a team of friends to create a scenario that puts you in her favor.
Make sure your subject sees how popular you are among your friends. They laugh at your jokes and so on.

If you have friends that are female have them close by your chosen subject and have her overhear them talk about you as if they don’t know you well but heard a few funny stories about you.
The stories must be true and should magnify your personality.
Once the subject has been fed the info you desire, you are free to engage in conversation. Keep it light, fun, and to the point. Pepper compliments into the conversation but treat her like a sister.
Keep her guessing whether your interested in her or not.
If by the end of the day you walk away with her contact info then you know Inception was successful.

Inception for men is free of charge and garentees at the very least a good time with friends.

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