Work is a day at the beach…

For those of you keeping tabs, you know I filmed a commercial last friday. It was one of the sweetest jobs I’ve had in a while. First thing we did was go to this big warehouse that was made to look like a sandy beach on the inside so you can play beach vollyball all year round! I’ve never even heard of the place. But it was pretty awsome! I deffenetly will have that place in mind for like a party I wanna host some time or something.

Anywho.. here are som pics.

Behind the scenes

Later after finnishing filming the scenes we needed at this location we drove to Posieden Diving Facility to get some underwater action.

Here I am hangin’ out between takes.

Playback's a bitch

As you’ve no doubt seen my last post about this product (SealABox: a waterproof casing for your mobile phone) you saw the awsome video I filmed with my iPhone in said casing… UNDERWATER! If you haven’t then what are you waiting for? Scroll down to the post entitled I’m Soaked and click the Facebook Video link and be amazed! In this photo am showing for the camera the phootage I just shot under water.

Get Carried Away

For anyone wondering what this magic casing looks like here’s a pretty good shot of it. It’s basically a frame that slides over two silicon sheets. Describing it doesn’t do it justice. It’s when you take it apart and put it together, which takes some getting used to by the way, is when you really see it’s simple genius.

If wet your appitite for one of these badboys then do your self a favor and checkout this website

or visit there facebook page where you can see more pics and even videos of me just doin’ my thang!

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