“Oh yeah, I allmost remember you.”

It’s come to my attention that in my three years shy of a three decade long life I’ve met allot of people. I mean allot of people. I’ve lived in 4 different countries, 8 different cities, not mention the different schools and jobs where I’ve met and made an impression on countless people. Oh yeah, and there was that Idol thing back in 04. An entire nation saw me at one point in my life.
I guess I finally noticed the other day the only downside to meeting so many people.
I was at a party last saturday. I had just arrived. A woman sees me and smiles. She walks up to me and talks as if it was a long time since we last saw eachother.
I can only barely recognise her. She looks sorta familiar.
“We used to chat on msn years ago.”
Yeah, that narrows it down. (he says sarcasticly)
Then she tells me the name of a girl who’s supposed to be a mutual friend who has like the most typically average name ever, and the only detail she can tell me about her is that she is now married and is now muslim, which basically means she’s completely different from the person I would have remembered, had I remembered her.

I allways tell people I’m better with faces then I am with names. But sometimes even faces escape me. If I stood in line with you during the Idol audition and we started cracking jokes together there is a 50/50 chance I still actually remember you. But to be fair you have had to have stood out!

It happened again while I was riding an escelator and a dude riding the one going in the opposite direction was like, ” Hey Fillip, what’s up?” this guy has clearly hung out with me before. I can allmost recognise his face but no details  of what we did together.
I playfully reply but the formalities were fairly quick. Luckily escalators aren’t the perfect place to chat while going in opposite ditections.

The fact of the matter is if someone has made an impact on you, you remember them. I’m glad these people know me by name and feel comfortable enough to talk to me. It means I’ve done something right. And it’s embarrasing to not be able to, in essence, return the compliment. 

It’s like the brain has only room for x amount of memories. Some things/moments/people get dumped in order to make new memories. Nothing personal, it’s just maintainence. If I had remembered every detail ever, chances are I’d be bat sh*t insane right now!

But there is a flipside to this whole thing. I’m reminded of this guy I met in the lobby of the hotel I was staying at during the whole Idol thing. He was buying something from the front desk. He sees me and a few of my fellow contestants who haven’t made it to our rooms yet. He knew who we were and invited us to his apartment near by for a party where he said there were lots of people.
Not wanting to just sit around the empty hotel room alone we figure why not. We show up at this party and I use the term loosely where maybe four other guests were. We hang out, he offers a drink. He goes on and on about how he’s friends with an american football player. I think he was quarterback for the Eagles. He kept on saying his name but i’m no good with names. I wanna say Mitchell Johnson. Anywawy, he tells me about how him and the qurterback partied together along with the guy who played Eurkel on Family Matters and as he does this  he starts taking pictures of us. Suddenly the photos of the night he was talking about which took place during his trip to america were up on his big screen tv. I was there maybe 20 minutes before I realised something. Next time he manages to meet a so called celebrity he’s gonna talk about how me and him hung out during Idol and all the while showing picture evidence of the night we got wasted and ended up puking the bathroom of a strip club just an hour after those pics were taken. For those of you who don’t get what I’m implying. He’s gonna probably make up events that never happened to appear cool.

I’ll allways remember that. But if that same guy walked up to me and said hi, he’d need to remind me of that moment. Other wise I might not be able to place his face.

Strange how the mind works.

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