How Silly!

I just watched probably the most bizarre nonsensical mind boggingly silly peice of cinema. It’s late and i didn’t want to just go to bed. So I took a chance on a title that was weird and the genre: comedy.

I heard of this movie before from an issue of EMPIRE magazine. So I wasn’t flying blind I kinda had an incling of what to expect. But I was wrong. What expect was silly, but some how seeing the movie… What can I say. It’s extremely out there! MAybe I read too much into it (it is like 4 in the morning as of writing this) but I found the subplot to be like a metaphor for todays movie goers.

Wanna know what the heck this crazy movie is about?

It’s about a discarded tire in a desert somewhere in america that suddenly comes to life. It rolls around and soon relises it has psycho-kenetic abilities and then slowly but surely goes on a murder-spree killing human beings.

If that doesn’t sound like ravings of a lunatic… or an interesting night at the movies, i dunno what does.

“Why is this happening?” “No reason.” If you can except that, then this movie is golden.

This film is a bit of an aquired taste. Either you are gonna love it for it’s originallity and eccenticities or perhaps you might think it’s slow and boring. Put it this way, if you think Vampires Suck was one of the best comedies you’ve seen you will flat out not understand or in other words hate this film.

This movie feels like your watching a movie that takes place between the cracks of other bigger movies. If you wanna see a strange take on indie horror movies or comedy in gerneral be sure to checkout:



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