Wonders Never Cease

Last night while working on my last post I managed to find this pic! Apparently David E. Kelly (Ally McBeal, Boston Public) is making a new series. Based on a comicbook! Not just any comicbook. But a comicbook involving one of the most iconic heroes of all time. WONDER WOMAN!

But a tv show? Really? How come? Batman is doing so well on the big screen. Superman is getting rebooted as we speak thanks to Chris Nolan’s involvment. Does he have to pitch an idea for a Wonder Woman movie for it to actually be greenlit?But let’s not forget that the first time the character was seen in live action was in a tv series in the 70’s staring Lynda Carter. (Pic below.)

So who will play the Amazonian Goddess, Champion of Hope, the very Symbol of Femenism? Adrianne Palicki… Yeah, I dunno who that is. Not to sound mean but I was worried that she wasn’t pretty enough. I know that sounds petty but it turns out that the only pic available of her in the new costume doesn’t do her face justice. I found some other pics of her and to be frank I dunno what the hell I was thinking. She’s gorgeous. And for those of you fellas who… ahem… uh.. wanna see more of her. The feast your eyes on this.





If you’re like me then there is no real complaints. However, my father thought the actress who would play WONDER WOMAN should have a more defined muscle tone. With that in mind my casting pick would besomeone who looks like her.

Anna-Maria Lacatus

This is Anna-Maria Lacatus. She used to live in my town in AlingsÃ¥s and work as a train hostess (or whatever you call it.) Every time I saw her on the train I would try to make small talk with her. She is really nice. I kinda had a bit of a crush on her. I saw her in a fittness magazine a couple years and I was gleefully excited because I knew her… sorta. Anyway my point is she has that pefect muscle tone where she can both look intimidating to criminal scum and sexy as hell! Check out her blog, she’s got other pics of herself.
Anna-Maria’s Blog

Anyway, back to my WONDER WOMAN rant. So we allready know what the actress to play her looks like and we also know David E. Kelly will produce the show even though throughout his carrier, at least to my knowledge, he has never done anything superhero/action oriented and that someone like Joss Wheadon would be a more natural fit. Sorry but we are all thinking it.

When adaptating comicbooks into other mediums you have to manage one thing or you can kiss it goodbye. Keep true to the character! There is a reason we love them and if you take an aspect of them and erase it, then you were not the right man for the job. One way to see this in comicbook to live action adaptations is the costume. If you get that right you can see where they are gonna take the character. Before I show you the pic of the actual costume that will be used in the show. Lemme show you a graphic artists take of the costume design.

Before Battle

After Battle

This look makes absolut sense to me. She is an Amazon! Their whole estetic is very greek mythology based. She looks bad ass as a kinda female gladiator! seriously if she came charging at you with spear and sheild you’d probably soil yourself because she looks like she know what she’s doing.

Click here for more from this artist.

Now with out further waiting let’s see what the actual costume for the upcoming series looks like compaired to it’s 70’s counterpart.




So what do you guys think? Love it? Hate it? It kinda has this selfmade store bought look to it. Which can be charming if done right. But this isn’t extactly KICK-ASS were talking about here, it’s freakin’ Wonder Woman! This costume almost implies that her character doesn’t have a sense of respect for her herritage and her culture’s traditions. Besides, I kinda miss the red boots. What do I know? I suppose pants are a step up from granny panties.


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