Much to do and no time to do it in

Right now I’m stressin’ out over these gigs I have coming up. Tomorrow I have a gig in Borås at the Grand Hotel. It’s gonna be fun but I gotta practice my songs. Don’t get me wrong I’ve practiced, it’s just that today is gonna be my day to work on everthing I need to work on. Like my Village People medley solo! In case you were wondering I’m the policeman. I’ll take pictures.

Then on saturday I’m off to Stockholm with my sister to sing in my uncle’s Gospel Chior at Sofia Kyrkan. It’s sort of a benifit consert for the people in Japan. So if your in the area stop by and give a donation! Right now I’m trying to pick one of my original songs that I can sing at that consert. I need to send it today ASAP so that a guy in the band has time to “transmografy” it into sheet music for the band to play live. So time is of the essence! Any suggestions?

Wish me luck!

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