Helluva Night!

Just got back from Borås Grand Hotell. I gotta tell ya. I dunno what it is but I got a love affair with that city. Must be something in the water. Everytime I go there I have a blast and don’t wanna leave. First off, we dine at Bara the hotel’s afterwork bar and resturaunt. Had the best fancy burger in my life! Then before going out on stage the place was filled to the brim with people! Allot of them fine ladies! ;)

I just casually walk around with a big camera hanging from my neck and people flocked to me to have thier picture taken. (Note to self: Barrow someone’s Nikkon DV camera and then got to clubs. Chances are everyone will think you work there and both “leave you alone” and get real friendly.)

Then we come out on stage dressed up in these rediculous outfits that evoke the thill of the seventies! And everyone loved it! It’s been a long time since I’ve performed in front such a large intoxicated crowd. It reminded me of SunWing for some reason. Best part was, the ladies loved what I was servin’. I haven’t felt this sexy since my trip to Poland. Okey, i have felt sexy since then and Poland was years ago, I just thought that was a poignient bit of comedy there.

I even ran into people I knew. One girl was a dancer back when we did FAME for AMTS. (Alingsås Musik Teater Sällskap.) There was even a lady who said her kids were extras in this Detective show I worked on last year.

We looked great and some of the females looked even greater. I’ll post pics later. I can’t believe I’m still up. I should be asleep now so I can get up in time for my next gig.

Stockholm Sofia Kyrkan 15.00 Big Gospel Benifit Show for Japan! Both me and my sis Mizz Dee will be there!

See ya! (YARN) Good night.

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