The verdict is out! Wallmans Nöjen will not be needing my services. Pretty much gave me the letter they send all the rejects. I’ll be honest. I relly don’t care. I mean yeah I do care but I couldn’t help but feel like that if I did get the job that it would have been a bad move on my part later down the road… of life. Sure singing and dancing is fun to get paid to do. But didn’t I do that this very weekend? So my cash flow isn’t in abundance, but I do get by. God hasn’t let me spend a cold night on the street yet. And if my interesting life of past accomplishments have taught me any thing its that:

“Sometimes you get a NO only to reciecve a better YES.”

– Fillip Williams

I mean think about that. Rejection is a harsh misstress, but in hind sight can leave you open for something much better. It happened to me in 2004. “What do you mean I am not gonna be an extra at the Gothenburg Operhouse in the next production?” Later that very year I’m on tv for being myself! Who says that the same can’t or won’t happen for you?

So I won’t live in stockholm anytime soon and entertain middelaged couples on buisness retreat. So what? If I get into the school I’m thinking of attending I’ll have the tools to put together any kind of show I want. Who know’s I might some day even rival Wallmans as one of the leading brands of entertainment. WILLIAMS NÖJEN… I like the sound of that.



One thought on “Rejected!

  1. Hej Fillip
    Jag och min man ska ha 40-årspartaj den 4/6. Vi tänkte ha Rat Pack/Coctail-tema och har fixat lokal och meny i denna anda. Något som däremot inte är klart är liveuppträdandet. Vi har letat och letat efter en bra artist alternativt band, men inte hittat något. Så kom jag att tänka på dig – vi såg dig i Idol när du brillierade med Dean Martins Ain’t That A Kick In The Head, och höll på att trilla ur soffan. Du var superbra!

    Nu vet jag inte alls om du ens kan tänka dig att göra denna typ av jobb – att komma och framföra några låtar under dessa former, men hur som helst vore det kanon om du kunde återkoppla till mig på min mail,

    Tackar på förhand

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