Weekend Update! (Blatant SNL refrence, I know)

I had, like most of my trips to STHLM, a great little time in Sweden’s capitol. Emphasis on the words “little time”. I felt a bit rushed. We both did. My sister and I wake up early to make it to the train on time. It left from Alingsås 8.30 which was strange because on the ticket it’s supposed to leave a whole 2 minutes later. Oh well, we both get on and it wasn’t untill we showed the ticketclaimer our tickets that we noticed a little problem. We were on the wrong train! Granted the train we were on had the same destination, but still. Apparently the tickets were booked from Gothemburg – Stockholm and I just assumed the buyer took into account that we live in Alingsås. But even though the train we were on left earlier we wouldn’t be there as early… for some reason. So we decieded to hop off at Skövde and jump on the correct train. “Problem” solved.

We show up for practice and it’s a joy to see so may familiar faces. Everyone seemed excited to see us again. My Uncle was there  and he was pulling the strings. Conduting the chior and band simultaneously. As allways with my uncle it’s “fly by the seat of your pants break neck speed to get the job done quickly” And once you catch your breath, it’s showtime!

The show goes relatively well despite a few errors that could have used a quick runthrough. I got lost singing Man in the Mirror apparently. All in all a great experience. We actually raised up to 6000 kr to help the relief effort in Japan.

Then we both figure let’s go to our uncle’s place and rest. He’s like “Okey, but I gotta warn you one of the twins has been sick with flu allday.” Fearing for our health I call my good friend Jonathan. He wastes no time inviting us over and after a getting some food in me I was off to meet up with him at SAXOFONIA a pub he works at as a Karaoke host! We sang, we lived, we conquered! Once again I felt the taste of what a sex symbol has to put up with and I loved it. and ain’t it the reason we fellas get into this buisness in the first place. ;)

So many pretty girls, and like allways I respectfully flirt with everyone. Kinda wish Jonathan told me which girl he was actually dating before I started flashing her “the ol’ Williams Smile.” No harm done, me and him are like family. La Familia Forever!

All In!

Det Vet Du!

Hold the bowl higher!

All inside jokes, so you kinda had to be there! ;)


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