Got any CHANGE? If you don’t, get it!

For those of you who don’t know me personally. I’m in an awsome gospel chior known as GLOW. We are a chior based in Gothenburg and we know how to get your butt on the dancefloor (or as the case maybe church floor.) We pretty much kick ass as far as most gospel chiors are concerned. At the most we are about 15 members and can still sound amazing with as little as three people.

Back in ’03 I worked as a Face to Face worker for the Red Cross. You know, one of the those people who stand on the streets with a binder and try to convince you to give to a charrity. That was me. One of my co workers was one Paul MacInnes. A gifted singer and all around nice guy.

Luckily Gothenburg is small and everyone pretty much knows everyone within the same circles. So when Paul had requested a gospel chior to feature on his singel CHANGE, naturally he thought of Glow! That’s right your’s truly allong with my gifted gospel chior are singing on this wonderful song by Paul MacInnes!

Official Single Cover

Buy it on iTunes!

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