April Fools! ..I guess.

A couple of days ago was the first of April. What’s with that date anyway? For some reason I recall the April Fool’s episode of the Simpsons. “Golden Age” Simpsons. You know the one where Bart decides to finally get Homer back for all of his pranks by shaking a Duff beer can in a paint mixer and letting him open it resulting in a trip to the hospital. It was also a pretty funny Clip show episode.

For as long as I can remember I have never been so keen on pranks. Don’t get me wrong I love ’em. I just never seem  to come up with good ones. Sometimes, if the planets have aligned, I may just stumble upon a brilliant set up and suddenly decide to go with it. But a part of me has allways yearned to be the guy who wakes up early just to plan mischiff. Or to have the mindset that is so commited to the set up of a huge prank. It’s allways in hind sight I come up with good ideas.

I think the problem is the holliday just kinda sneaks up on you. All of a sudden it’s here without warning and you have virtually no time to mentally prepare yourself. I kinda wish April fools day was taken as seriously as Halloween. You know, six weeks in advance there should be commercials on gags you can buy from your local joke shop, or what have you. The over all theme of the holliday should be reflected in the media. But then again that would defeat the purpose of the holliday wouldn’t it? If every one was aware of the coming holliday everbody would be on thier gaurd and probably not believe anything anyone said in order to not look a fool.

So I guess the way things are, are fine as long as I or the people around me make it thier mission to fool someone. My dad got into the spirit and had me looking through a newspaper for an article that didn’t exist. It would have worked better mind you if I weren’t in the other room when he pulled the same prank on my sister. So technically i wasn’t that fooled. What did I do to fool someone? To be honest the day just slipped though my fingers and I had nothing.

Actually that’s not true I did get someone. I saw a buddy of mine in the mall so I managed to sneak up on him and when the moment was right I poped up and shouted “Babaloo!” (it’s an inside joke) He was so frightened he lost balance and fell backwards down the stairs. Luckily he’s ok. But I heard he did limp the rest of the day.


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