Art for Dummies

Well, I’ts been a while scince my last post and I wanted to let you all know I’m fine. I know my last blog didn’t exactly end on a high note. I’ve been quite busy and I wanted to return with something light and funny. Unfortunetly all I got for you is this and it, when all is said and done, is quite frankly depressing.

The Youth of today. It feels a bit weird saying that, especially since a part of me still considers myself to be amung them. Whether I like it or not there is a generation after mine. Younger people who for some ungodly reason have no recollection of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Animaniacs, and Whoop There It Is. The latter of which I am envious of them for. So they may not get all my pop culture quips. “Well, Excuuuuuuse Me, Princess.” Besides it can’t be all bad.

In the future the youger generation to which I refer will be running things. And as long as they do me right and save the world from war and hunger and parody films with the word “movie” in the title, we should be fine. Right? …right?

I was a substitute art teacher today for a class of kids ranging from ca 13-16 years old. When I was that age art was fun. I dunno maybe I’m a nerd but any chance I got to show off a creative flare and I would light up. Art was the class you waited for that didn’t demand you to stress your brain with math problems or get sweaty armpits like in gym class. It was the one class that was calm, soothing almost. What you put into it is what you got out of it… you know like a sewer, but more pleasant.

Now let’s see. When I was a kid what objective would I want to have in an art class. Something with limitless possibilities yet instantly gratifying. I came up with a neat little idea to take favorite movie and make your own poster to it! Sounds fun right?

I ask a kid, any kid and the response was shockingly similar.


“What’s your favorite movie?”

“I dunno.”


“C´mon you gotta have at least one favorite movie.”

“I dunno.”

I get wanting to have a day off from school while in school. As a kid when a sub is in your class you have a natural tendency to goof off. I wasn’t a bad kid but I had my share of fun. But this epidemic of apathy is starting to worry me. It feels like these kids will do anything to do nothing. That’s the kind of underacheiving behavior I always found to be akin to stupidity.

If you don’t care about the little things you probably don’t care about the big things and anyone who doesn’t see the error in this line of thinking is an idiot. Activly disrupting the class in order to get out of doing what your supposed to be doing is stupid. Drawing inappropiate things in art class just because, is moronic.

This one kid struggled with opening a headphones case. I opened it in like one second. It wasn’t hard to open whne you place your thumbs in the little opening and pull the case apart like your supposed to. She looked at me with amazment and was like, “how did you do that?” I shut the case gave it back and both her and a friend still struggles to get it open. It was around here I busted out laughing.

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