Glory be to God!I’m on P4 today!

So here’s a quick update. Last month I was in a bit of a dark place. I was broke, had no job to speak of (besides the odd singing gig here and there) and therefore kept my ass inside my room for the majority of my days in order to save money. Which can get boring once you’ve run out of movies to watch and shows to stream and to top it off my internet was acting foolish. A friend of mine, whom I mentioned in an earlier post, encouraged me to get out and promised to pay for everything. And so my social life rised from the grave.

Stinsen Train

My New Office!

Much earlier I applied for a job as a guide on a novelty ..tourist … train… thingy. Stinsen Sightseeing (also mentioned in an earlier post). Ok so last week I had a sort of trial by fire test to see if I’m actually any good at this. Turns out I should have come really prepared and because it didn’t go so well the boss wanted me to do it again this time with out the script. I just realised this might not make any sense to some of you. Anyway, I was put into a worry frenzy by my good friend who sat in the same boat with this job. Either we deliever or we can start looking in the want ads. (Funny enough this friend was also mentioned in an earlier post.)

My social life was improving but I had no cash to really have fun with. Money does not buy happiness but without it I’m really depressed.

Monday morning I get a call from a school wanting me to sub for them as an art teacher for the next couple of days. BOOM!

Wednesday I redo my “test” and pass with flying colors (I never understood what that actually meant) It’s official I’m working all summer as a guide! BOOM!

Today Thursday the 28th of April at 14.30 tune into P4 Göteborgs Radio if you wanna hear me perform two NEW ORIGINAL SONGS! Bing! Bang! BOOOOM!

I wanna thank my parents for always believing in me. All my friends for ther support and above all God who made it all possible! Peace Out!

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