Mind Games.

Lemme take a moment to get something off my cheast. There are people out there who seem to embark in cerebral warfare, that is to say, strategic psychological manipulation, i.e. mind games. Sometimes they can’t help it. It’s merely a case of defence mechanisms and self preservation. They are a product of thier upbringing. Past events that planted it’s ugly seed in thier, soon to be, twisted psyche only to blossom, in due time, into behavioural dysfunction. Aw Snap! Don’t I sound all smart!

As I was saying, they, for the most part, don’t even realise they are acting this way. So when dealing with such a person it’s important to keep a level head and above all be mature about it. A good example of this kind of relationship is in the movie Anywhere But Here. I wasn’t planning on a film review but here we go.

I just happened to catch this on tv and I missed the begining, but somehow I got really into it. Maybe because Natalie Portman was in it playing the relatable teenage girl or perhaps Susan Surandon playing her mother a woman so full of life she can’t actually live her own properly. (Let’s face it, if anyone of those lovely ladies were into me I wouldn’t mind being involved in a scandal, is all I’m sayin’)  Mom decides she’s had enough of her small town life and picks up and moves to Beverly Hills dragging her teenage daughter with who would rather stay home where all is familiar. There rest of the film is a character study on how mother and daughter essentially swap rolls. The daughter being the one constantly having to be the responsable one while the mother is reckless and does everything on a whim. The acting is superb. The story is simple. I like movies that just display life happening for these characters. What I loved about the movie was that at first I loved the mother cause she seemed like fun. But after a while I started to hate how selfish and unfair she was towards her daughter while at the same time feeling like she wasn’t all bad. Things happen and you can be a dick about it or you can cange. I feel like this film was a nice watch. Check ot out if you can.

So yeah, you may have guess where my inpiration for this post came from. But it’s no news I’ve got a friend who has decided she won’t speak to me at all now that she’s dating someone. Yeah you know that one I told you all about a few posts ago. Anyway, I’ve noticed a peculiar development. When dealing with these types not engaging them is key. Sometimes thier behavior hurts you, but like the old saying goes the best revenge is living well. It’s kind of funny but I’ve decided that this whole thing is stupid and that I’ve got nothing to say to her that I haven’t allready said. I’m not going to activly get in her face and say hi or stand in front of her in a very unavoidable way just to watch her squirm next time I see her. So far she has continued to ignore/avoid me. Our mutual friend isn’t one to take sides but agrees with me on her rather odd behavior. They were gonna meet up to go out. Just so happens I was going to the same place. When she finds out I was going there, she doesn’t even bother calling and simply doesn’t go to the club.

This is where living well works as a delicious bit of irony cake with frosted comeuppance on top. By living my life care free and going to parties, I win. Anytime she’s planning to go to the same party and finds out I’m there and decides not to go, she loses. Who knows maybe if this happens enough times she’ll realise a valuable lesson. Or maybe it takes something like what happened to Susan Sarandon in that movie to make a change. At any rate, a happy ending can be found if one is tired of being a “victum” and decides to change their suroundings.

Live Well!


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