Reasons Y: THE LAST MAN is Awsome!

A couple years ago I was watching tv flipping through the channels and I came across an unfamiliar awardshow celebrating entertainment that never seem to get televised awardshows. I remember that dude from the first Twilight movie, you know the “bad guy”, he was there to present an award so obviously this was geared towards teens. Suddenly an interesting catagory came up. Nominations for this years best comicbook series! I recognized I think only one series and it was Joss Wheadon’s run on the Astonishing X-Men series. Which I loved by the way!

So naturally I was rooting for X-men to win. But to my supprise some book called Y: The Last Man does. That one didn’t even have superheroes in it! So a couple years later I was watching an episode of Chuck and I noticed he was laying on his bed reading Y: The Last Man.  Now my curiosity peaked. This is the second time I activly went out and bought something because a fictional character had it. “That’s how they get ya!”

So what’s it about? Is it any good? Well lemme pitch it to you!

Y: The Last Man centers on Yorick Brown (Get it? His name starts with a Y.) He’s basically your average hero and all around normal guy. That is, if you call owning a pet monkey and striving to be a great escape artist normal. The story starts with him on the phone with his long time girlfriend Beth who is currently in Austrailia. Just as he is about to purpose, something awful happens. Every singel organism with a Y chromezon (Another Y. Get it?) dies drowning in pools of thier own blood. All save for one male monkey and his owner Yorick Brown. One man must unlock the key to his destiny. That sounded a bit lame, I’ll give you that but one thing this book has in spades is a sense of the Epic!

What would happen if all men died? Would “womankind” be better off? This series does an excellent job serving as a “what if” tackling issues you never would’ve thought of but think would make sense, as well as delivering a great actionpacked emotional well written storyarc that will leave you wanting more. Form the very beginging this comicbook feels like an awsome tv series. Remember when LOST or even HEROES was the s#!t? This comic feels like your new story addiction. Great depth is explored with characters and even minor charaters pop in in out of the narative to serve as a kind of comment on what society has since become.. and how those left behind have dealt with it. This is deffinetly not a kid friendly superhero comic like Astonishing X-Men. If this were a movie it’d be a hard R rated one that’s for sure. What it shows, it does, in my oppinion, for a good reason. There is some nudity, violence and alot of swearing. But none of it goes too far. It makes the world more real. Humans do terrible things to eachother and this series doen’t shy away from it.

Why can’t the people who brought us The Walking Dead produce this as a tv show? I have heard rumors of a feature film but I gotta feeling that in the wrong hands it could end up like The Last Airbender. ‘Nuff  said.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve recently accuired the last volume of the series, Book Ten. So as of writing this I have no idea how it ends. I have a good feeling that whatever happens it’s goona feel just right! The only time I was really disapointed with a comicbook series’ ending was Kick-Ass. When compared to the film it’s just misses the tone. So far Y has been pitch perfect all the way through!

Find out why everyman’s sexual fantasy can be a comlpete and utter nightmare by reading Y: THE LAST MAN!

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