Hollywood is stealing my Thoughts!

Yeah I know I haven’t been blogging for a while so here’s a little something I thought I’d share.

There is an ever growing trend in hollywood lately that has got me feeling increasingly paranoid and also irritated that I might be missing out on what could possibly be bucket loads of money. Lemme explain.

Through out my life I have come up with ideas that later become reality. The following is a list of just such occasions.


Now anyone who doesn’t apprieciate the power of casting is an idiot. What would the world be like if Peter Ustinov played Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther instead of Peter Sellers? Answer: Sequel-less, probably. Anyway, I’ve had some thoughts on casting choices for certain comic book movies. Back in the 90’s before Bryan Singer made X-Men it felt kinda obvious that Patrick Stewart was Professer X. So maybe it’s not that scary when he was later cast as the character. (By the way my pick for Wolverine was Mel Gibson. That would have been fun to see esspecially back then.)

The other casting choice that came to pass was Ben Affleck as Daredevil. I barrowed a daredevil comicbook from a friend. It was one that Frank Miller wrote retelling the hero’s origin and after reading that I felt a movie would be appropriate. My choice was Ben merely because at the time his most high profile action movie roll was in Aarmageddon it felt like he or Matt Damon was due a lead in a superhero movie.

2.  I have had a bunch of ideas for movies or in some cases merely concepts that admitedly needed some fleshing out. Here’s one.

I was at a themepark a couple years ago and a thought passed through my head. How exciting would be to narrowly escape certain death from one of the fast paced rides? Like, you know, running through restricted areas while the rides are active and stuff. Ooh! And wouldn’t be awsome if the bad guys got mangeled the machines! Wait that might be a tad too violent for standard action movie faceless goons. No wait I got it! What if they were Zombies! A year later I see the trailer for ZOMBIELAND and I practically shout out loud, “That Was My Idea!” I got to admit Zombie land is more fun then the movie I was cookin’ up anyway so point goes to Hollywood.

3. I had a weird daydream once involving people from my life. I had a rather flakey moment with my ex-girlfriend ( I was attempting to remain friends but she clearly missinterpreted my actions and thought I should move on.) I remember feeling so mad at her that I wanted to fight somebody. Not her, cause that would be wrong, but like a dude who may or may not deserve it. Never the one to pick fights i imagined a scenario where the men that she has dated after me hunted me down one by one and ultimately tried to kill me.

Sounds pretty awsome huh? I like the idea so much I started to write a script that couple quite frankly be a masterpiece of a movie if executed right. It wasn’t until I finnshed watching this film in the theater that I realised that the general theme was the one I had planned for my epic.

SCOTT PLIGRIM VS. THE WORLD is a brilliant film with loads of energy an awsome fanboy feel and it’s also a comedy. Entirely different from mine but still the core is the same. hmm… Just like this next entry.

4. I had an idea for an action comedy that would put juvenile delinquents up a against domestic terrorists in a small island town. I loved the idea of putting the fait of what ever stakes were raised in the hands of a bunch good for nothing no goodnicks. The only reason they were the last hope the town has is because they were luckily serving time doing community service somewhere where the bad guys were’nt looking. I was thinking of calling it Community Service.

Fastforward to a few years later and… Attack the Block! Granted this is a brittish film and not a Hollywood production but who’s counting? This movie has a similar conceit. English “Hoodies” have been demonised alot in media with some movies depicting them as stone cold killers. This film focuses on a gang of hoodies who band together to defend a city block against an ALIEN INVASION! (Bet you didn’t see that one coming.) Bad kids forced to save the day.


I’m sure there are more ideas that have been “stolen” but these are the few I felt like sharing. I suppose I can take some solice in the fact that “great minds think alike” and that if i had been first maybe I gotta shot in Hollywood. Till then I’ll keep dreamin’ …while wearing a tinfoil helmet.

One thought on “Hollywood is stealing my Thoughts!

  1. I totally fucking wrote that new movie “In Time” I can’t publish it now. I’m fucked, fucking hollywood.

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