A Day At The Office!

A day at the office

The other day I went to work. (In addition to the sightseeing train Stinsen, I am also a guide on the sightseeing boat Lotsen.)
Something was wrong with the boat. Apparently the engine burned out the day before and all schedualed tours were canceled. So as I arive at the scene I’m greeted with the site of a worried boss and a mechanic working the weekend shift.
A few hours later they say it’s fixed and I can get to work… Right after lunch.
A half hour later I’m on the job. One round trip later and the boss tells me we gotta pick up people from STCC (some kind of formula 1 racing thing with cars and alot of rich white people,  you can probably tell I’m not a huge fan of the sport.)
I guess it’s a yearly thing and the Prince of Sweden himself drives in the race. How Tony Stark of him. Anywho, we take our boat over to the the race track, it’s by the river in case anyone is confused, and we pick up some folks and deliver them to their destination. The After Party!
While at the dock loading passangers I actually see the Prince! Royalty is not but 10 meters away. I didn’t want be gawky so i didn’t say hi or anything regretable. I figure, “We’ll meet again.”
So it’s the last trip and I’m my usual charming self. Alot of people tell me I should go to the party. You don’t have to tell me twice. As soon as I punch out I’m by the bar taking off my name tag.
I meet alot of people. Some were really nice and genuinely interested in me. That was nice. But some people were kind of weird. One guy wanted me to dance around him so I could attract girls for him. I’m flattered really.
There were some fine women there too.


Albeit not so many of them were GF material. I ask a hot girl to dance she respectfully declines and suggest I dance with her party friend who in turn urges me to dance with her other friend first and she tells me, “Not now.” what’s with that?


I see celebrities there. Like the guy who played in ONDSKAN.

Andreas Wilson

Alicia Vikander was there and I heard som buzz about her. She might star in a Hollywood movie playing a kick ass Snow White that hunts down evil creatures. Awsome!

Alicia Vikander









Hey remember Sara Varga? She was on Melodifestival last time and sang a really personal acoustic song when she was known as a DJ prior to her singing career. Anyway, she walks past me and before I leave her side she stops to pay me compliments on how entertaining I was on the boat.
That was really nice of her. In a room full wannabes and humongus egos she took the time to let me know I was good at what I do. I salute you Sara Varga!

Sara Varga

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