Kulturverkstan SPOILER ALERT!!!

Ok so I haven’t been on point when it comes to posting bloggs lately. I went through a weird “emotional crisis” a couple weeks ago, I wrote a blogg about it but never posted it out of fear of getting hate mail from women everywhere… or those of them who read my blogg at least. Anyhoo, I have an update!

I’ve started studying at KULTURVERKSTAN in Gothenburg! With this education I’ll be able to call the shots and be a Cultural Project Leader! Sounds awsome, huh? So this blogg will hopefully include more school related info on the many projects I’ll be working on and just posting more often. I will however not exclude my thought on life in general and I will try to tell a funny anicdote or two.

Like for example:

I was told to read this awsome book, “KAN DU SÄGA SCHIBBOLET?” av Marjaneh Bakhtiari, before we started school. Well I forgot all about it and in another e-mail I was told to read another book, which I thought was the same book. So I read THAT one and it wasn’t untill I started school that I realised I had a 400 page novel I had to plow through before we were gonna have a discussion about the book. I’m an adult! This shouldn’t be happening. I should have covered all my bases. Here I am feeling like a teenager fretting over a book report!

Luckily, this novel is awsome! I love it! It’s everything you want in a story about familes and prejudice, where nothing big happens, it’s just life happening so to speak. It’s written so well, that even though it’s not a thriller, but it is somewhat exciting all the little revelations we find out about the characters, it’s very reminicent of the first season of LOST. Just more realistic. I recomend this book.

Now for the funny part. I still (as of writing this post) haven’t read the whole book. =S So the day comes when we all sit in a circle and talk about our impressions of the book, and I realise I got only one way out of this if I wanna at the very least seem serious about my education: fake it. For the record I am serious about my education, I am attending this school to learn how to plan my time more wisely. So, yeah in two years I wont have to lie in book clubs. Anyway, back to the story. I had read a great deal of the book and understood the rythum and theme of the book so I could allways par take in discussion. I had an answer for everything.. sort of. The worst part was this. If you ever find yourself in this situation I hope it not concerning a book you actually like because through out the day I had the sudden urge to shout, SPOILER ALERT!!!!

It sucks! My classmates gave away key scenes, even a character’s death, with no regaurd to spoilers warnings! It’s my own I know. On the bright side as I continue to read the book just for completion sake, and also it’s one of the best swedish novels I’ve read, (Did I mention it’s AWSOME?) I get this feeling like I’ve read it before but now I’m seeing more details.

“KAN DU SÄGA SCHIBBOLET?” is a great read. Dealing with cultural differences, multi-facinating characters, it’s a book that puts the humor and heart into the multi-cultural lives of human beings liveing in sweden. But don’t take my word for it…

(Cue Reading Rainbow Music Soundbite)

Here’s to the start of a new education, and birthing ideas the will last!

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