10 year Aniversary Show at Södra Teatern

Last weekend was hectic! Right after school I met up with my sister and traveled to Stockholm! We got to stay at my cousin’s apartment while him and his family stayed at his mother’s. His father/my uncle is partly responsible for this gig. 10 years ago he was tasked (is that a word?) to start a Gospel Choir in Sofiakyrkan. Which isn’t a bad idea. Because of this more people go to that church. Addmitedly it’s the 50 plus choir members that fill the church outnumbering the 15 or so visitors. At anyrate the addition of the choir has been a blessing to pretty much all involved. It’s been around for a decade and that in itself is kinda awsome. Plus the fact that the very same day of the first day of choir practice was… well… 9/11 happened.

So it felt oddly approapriate that this celebration of an amature gospel choir in Stockholm fell on the same day as the ten year anniversary of THAT event. People gathering together with a simple goal. To sing praise. Whether they believe or not a positive message is being recieved. One member of the choir even shared with us his experience of actually being in New York on that faitful day.

But before all of that actually sank in it was still some gig me and my sister had to get through. As usual we are given next to no

Av Sandra Tillbom

information so naturally I assume that it’s basically the typical show with my uncle and his choir. To my supprise we are performing in front 500 people strong fully packed house. Södra Teatern. It is quite a wonderful stage to perform on. Blossom Tainton was there and did her thang, as well as the equally amazing Sandra Tillbom (buy her children’s book “Roliga Rumpor i Ruths Värld” today).

Blossom Tainton

When my sister and I took the stage we came “all young and hip” and totally floored the audience! We were a hit, and it was a shame that it felt like it was all over and done with in 15 min.

So keep an eye out for Sofia Gospel Choir’s new CD with guest soloists your’s truly and my sister.

Buy Sofia Gospel Choir Aniversay Album today!

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