New Song Released!


It’s here! I’ve been working in the studio a long time and finally you all get a chance to see what I’ve been up to. Check out the link below to listen to the first track I worked on with Melisha the amazing vocal and producing talent who is even featured on the song.

But why stop there? You can even buy the song straight from the website!

Old Man Nature felt like a good track to release first not only because chronologically it is the first song we made but it also showcases my tendency to mix genre. The song itself goes through a number of changes stylisticly starting with a soft almost spacey sound and ending with a gospel club feel that gets you syked up for the next single.

That’s right this is one of three singles that will be released in the same fashion with plans on releasing said songs later on iTunes and Spotify!

And of course once the album is complete all of it is going to be released in a similar way.

So help me make this the best selling album of all time! Spread the word! Beg everyone you know to get my music right now!

click here:

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