So much to take in

I have theme in mind see if you can guess what it is.

In class today we had an awsome lecture about intergort- INTERGORTION?(ahem… 30 Rock reference hehe.. ) I mean, intergretion, and no that is not the theme so stop trying to get ahead of me and pay attention. He told us a story.

Once a man went walk along the river. As he continued to walk he saw the most horrific sight. Lots of men and women working hard to take care of the wounded bodies floating down the river. The man saw this and shook his head and continued to walk up stream. The people helping all the wounded shouted to the man, “What’s the matter with you? Have you no humanity? Don’t just walk away, help us!”

The man replied, “I’m not walking away. I’m going to find out who is doing this and stop them!”

This guy, the man in the story, is Batman! Seroj, the lecturer, implied that each of us have the possiblity to be the man in the story. I can be BATMAN! Suddenly my roll as a cultural project leader got a whole lot sexier!

He also spoke of an experiment some of his students had made where they made a short documentary film where they ask two simple questions to many different students at different schools. Some schools were located in areas of high economical value and some in low. The questions were: What’s the most important things in life? and the other was What will you be doing ten years from now? What they found out was that pretty much everyone had the same answer for the first question. Live well, family, friends that kinda stuff. But the innercity students from public schools of lower stature couldn’t really answer the second question. What kinda country do we live in where people who consider themselves outsiders, have no dreams.

The issue of race has never been a thing for me. Mom and Dad raised me right apparently. Mom is white. Dad is black. I am white, black and brown! I’m not excluding anything. I’m feel apart of everything! Which always struck me as weird when mulatos (not to be confused with something you pick up at starbucks) would lable themselves one or the other. Halle Berry is a strong black female, according to her, despite having a white mother who raised her practically on her own during a time when that was tabu, to put it mildly. That doesn’t sit right with me personally.

Funny thing happened to me the other day on facebook. Some guy I never met before wrote me a message. Did I mention he used racial slurs to say hello. I levelheadedly responded trying to get to the bottom of why a stranger would do this. maybe he was drunk and felt like talkin’ trash, maybe he was furious with me over something i unknowingly did to him. Mistaken identity perhaps? Which is a piss poor excuse to call anyone something like THAT. After exposing our conversation on facebook and getting leagues of friends to support me. I was contacted by this person and he claims that someone missused his facebook posing as him and made those comments. Which, if true, is really unfortunate. Either way Rasism is still around and it’s ugly.

Today something was brought to my attention. I wrote an e-mail addressing the folks in my project group in school. Under subject I wrote something like, “We got a challenge girls!” And one of them didn’t like that. I could clearly see this person was in distress. My reaction was simply,”Are you not a girl?” I felt a conflict coming on. My heart was pounding, my hands started to shake ever so slightly and part of me wanted to leap out and acuse her of hipocracy, despite the claim not being entirely valid. But I stopped and said to myself, none of this is personal so speak from your head not from a wounded heart. I listened and told my teammate I meant no disrespect and in the future will refrain from … from… uh.. what exactly did I do wrong? As I’m writing this I find my self coming up with ways to not specify what gender my projectgroup is. It’s no secret at all but I don’t want to unknowingly hurt someone’s feelings. Anyone who knows me would know my heart and see that I don’t talk down to people intentionally.

The gender issue. I’m surrounded by people who are aware of the unfair treatment some may get because of their gender. I agree, society sucks like that. But it has taken an interesting toll on me. I’ve been feeling less like a man lately. Why do I put so much value into the roll I suspect I as a man should have? I dunno… On the flip side, the world isn’t fair and it’s not gonna change over night. Men and women buy into the rolls society gave them minus a few exceptions and only a select few activly work against the norm in order to make balance in the statistics. I salute them. In the mean time let’s make lemonade out of less than desirable circumstances and celebrate the moments we got it good.

I guess the theme was: perspective. To someone else, you are someone else. Which is one thing we all have in common.

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