Music News Update! “Psychotic” and “Aylayo” out now and more!

How long was it since my last post! I dunno, actually I don’t wanna know. But here’s some music news for you!

I got two songs that our out right now.

The first one is PYCHOTIC Written by me and Melisha and featuring Irena from NJOY. Available on now Spotify and iTunes. This is a another single from my upcoming album SOLILOQUY!

Cover Art by Fillip Williams and Melisha

It’s about the personal process I’ve gone through when meeting beautiful yet shallow women. Who is the crazy when you really break it down? The inspiration came to me after feeling let down by a woman I thought was interested in me, who instead of telling me staight away that she was in a relationship and therefore had no desire to start dating me, gave me the impression she might want to meet up. Who does that? Why do I fall for these types? Fully developed curves, not so fully developed personality.

The other is AYLAYO written by Majestic and Salomo, produced by Kry with vocal arrangment by yours truely! Available on Youtube right now and as of writing this post, will soon be on iTunes and Spotify.

Aylayo is a summer hit!

This is a decient party song that’s very much intended for Mohumbi. In fact the boys wrote it for him and simply needed someone with singin’ chops to perform a demo version that could be used to attract the right attention. As such this isn’t a song that is technically representitive of me as an artist and will not be featured on my upcoming album. I kinda see it as me doin’ a Akon thing on a David Guetta track. But if you love the song, don’t be sad at all, you can listen to it as much as you want on youtube!

Here’s a link!

Give them both a listen and come back here and let me know what you think! Write a comment below or subscribe!

In other music news I’m reopening the work file on last years Christmas song “FIRST FEW MINUTES” some of you may remember I posted a simple version of the song on Soundcloud last year as a sort of digital Christmas present. Well I’m this close to deploying a slick “song writers cut” version complete with awsome harmonies that’ll make the first version need therapy to deal with it’s inadiquicy issues.

So the next songs that should hit the net is “FIRST FEW MINUTES” followed by the not so X-Masy yet totally pop “MY SLAVE”.

Any questions?


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