Hi! … or not.. =(

Here’s something I don’t get. Somepeople, have this weird thing about them I can’t put my finger on but it bugs the hell out of me. Here in Sweden I have encountered this more often then I’d like to remember. Strangely it seems that women are the ones who do this the most!

Here are three quick anicdotes. Back in high school I would be more normal happy go lucky self and one day I said hi to a girl who is one year my senior and took the same classes as me. We never really talked before so we were practically strangers. So I say hi one time when I saw her outside of school. She just looked at me. Since then i made it my mission to say hello every time i see her. Chances are she can’t not know who I am after a while. So I did and sure enough she looked bewildered each time I kindly greeted her. A month or so later I go to hang out with a friend who in turn is working with a girl who recognises me. After i leave she asks my friend about me. Acording to my buddy, these were her words.

“You know that guy?”


“Really? I gotta ask you something. He has been saying ‘hi’ to my friend for weeks but they don’t even know eachother. Is he allight? You know… in the head?”


Apparently I must be insane because here in Sweden we don’t greet people or make new friends at all. The ones you were born with are fine. No need to acknowledge other human beings… avoid them all together if possible.

Story 2 This is more recient:

I’m in a musical now and practice is under way. But because i am practically alone as far as friends go it’s up to me to make new ones. But this doesn’t sit right for some. There are two girls i see on the train to Gothenburg quite often that are in the show. Heck they go to the school right next to mine. Everytime I’d see them I’d sit down and chat. Quickly I realised they were not that interested in small talk… not with me anyway. I actively decided to not sit with them anymore. Some times we bump into eachother but still it felt awckward. Then I gave them the ultimate test. I sat near them and didn’t say anything. I was within eyeshot the whole time. We got of at the same stop and used the same door and walked in the same direction for a few minutes practically side by side and they said nothing! That’s what I call aggressively ignoring me. Is it that much of a bother to be pleasent?

Story 3 the one that hurts,

Twice with in the same year have I found myself infatiuated with a beautiful girl who seemed to be into me at the very least a little on some level. I run into them at the train station, seperately mind you, and I walk up to say hi and this look flashes over thier face that i recognise and almost imediately deny registering it. It a big smile that says “Oh shit it’s him! I better be polite and try to leave as soon as possible.” Next time i saw those particular girls I did them a favor and pretended I didn’t see them to make it easier to sneak past me.

I’m such a nice guy that even in rejection i’m thinking of ways to make the girl feel better at least. =(

Three short stories of odd behavior. Has anything like this happened to you? Lemme know in my comments section. Ladies, are guys just as bad? I wanna hear your stories!

Hello later!

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