Project Over

It’s official. My school project is over! I told you in a past blog post what my project was about. Here’s a quick recap.

My project group and I have to basically collect information on what the people of Eriksbo want their recreation center to be, and try to inspire more participation in the community. Sounds cool, huh? So after al the planning we finally get started and before you know it we were done. How did it go? Mission accomplished.. I guess.

Well truthfully I feel like the most important thing didn’t exactly turn out as desired. How do you get people to get excited about something? You can’t force someone to care enough to show up to a party or what have you. There was this christmas market that we were going to be apart of and I worked my butt off to get a Zumba instructor to be there so that something that they towns people asked for would actually be available for them. That way they would know all of our hard work actually paid off. During the market I did my absolute best to be the fun guy at the party you want to hang with… I asked around, inviting anyone and everyone to the Zumba workshop later. Everyone i talked to seemed excited. A few people said that they’d be there.

Nobody showed up. Part of me was hurt. Like the kinda hurt you feel when you ask your friends to do you a favor only to find out they forgot to do it and thus leaving you empty handed. By the way that happened too.

So the towns apathy eventually got the best of me as it got the best of the others before me, who only wanted to enrichen thier lives. So now that the physical labor portion of the project is over now starts the more cerebral task. The Project Report. This is arguably the most important aspect of our project. This document will be handed over to our superiors in order for them to gain a better understanding of how best to plan for the future. Tomorrow is the due date! After ten o’clock it all sunshine and lolliepops because CHRISTMAS BREAK IS IN AFFECT!

There is a class party and stuff it’s gonna be great fun fo sho!

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