New Christmas Song FIRST FEW MINUTES out now on iTunes and Spotify!

My Christmas Song Cover

Guess what! It’s Christmas! This time of year would not be the same without the music to create the right mood! I remember when my sister Doreal and producer Melisha wrote a christmas song together a few years ago. I felt like I wanted to make one too! Last year I finally came up with a new angle on the classic clichés andstandard mainstays of the genres.

So… here it is. First Few Minutes is christmas in a nutshell with a pop sensability. But what does the title mean? Well, think about the callender, the way we westerners measure what year it is. It all starts with the birth of Christ. So the first few minutes of the very first year were very precious. That kind of highlights how imoportant Jesus is and that emulating him during christmas is what it’s makes December so nice! That’s a message everyone can enjoy!

This song is available on iTunes and Spotify just in time for you to get into the holliday spirit.

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