All in due time…

I was chatting with someone online just now, and realised something.

This person hasn’t lived in Sweden and never me before last summer. So I’m a fresh face to her. After a while you get to know people and find out things about there past. Finding out about my past is as easy as google-ing my name. Chances are to those out there who I am a complete stranger to, finding out about that whole Idol thing comes perhaps as a bit of a shock.

Anyway the girl i was chatting with wanted to know about that time and what happened and stuff and I told her but she seemed confused. She sees the artist I am now and wonders how a guy as talented as me hasn’t soared to greater hights. Wow just writing that was uncomfortable. But then I think, “Look where I am. I live in sweden. Here it’s practically illegal to believe you are capable of doing anything well.”

She couldn’t believe I hadn’t released 6 albums by now and the whole time I felt like I was defending the all around structure of society that had held me back. As if to say, “if you were in sweden in 2004 you wouldn’t like me as much.”

What the hell is that all about? I told her about all the big things I have done and that I will be huge when I’m good and ready! I’m actually happy with my life. I do however know that my carreer can be even greater. But it’s all in due time… (see what i did there? I worked in the title.) For now I am still taking steps up. Last night I was in Studio Bohus and sang backing vocals for the rock group HEAT with new frontman Erik Grönvall as lead singer. We took some pics!

At any rate I’m networking and I rather be a self made man then some of those pop sensations that were told what to do by some shady manager only in it for the cash. Eventually i’ll get there. One step at a time.

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