An update that’s punctual.

I know I know, I really suck at keeping you informed as event occur. But on the bright side now I got allot to tell! Where to start?

1. I’m in the musical Hairspray brought to you by Revymakarna in Skövde! It’s a blast! I play Seaweed J Stubbs, an integral roll in the show that moves the plot forward. It feels good to be on stage like this again and feel like part of a team. This ensemble is amazing. By the way, a quick prayer should go out to a talented member of the cast who reciently injured her knee performing the big finale. We should all wish her a speedy recovery.

The Cast of Hairspray in Skövde 2012speedy recovery.


2. Public Presentation. All through the fall and winter I have been working on a school project with the worlds best project group, and all good things must come to an end. If my school focused on teaching piano, this was our recidal. We had to basically give a presentation that told the uniniciated about our project, what we did and the results of our work. I gotta say after getting our feedback it’s safe to say we knocked it out of the park.

3. Now that the project is over what are we gonna learn in school? I’ll tell you what! The fun stuff! Today we were introduced to In Design a software program that allows you to create a lay out for… well, pretty much anything. This next course we’re taking will allow me to better fimiliarize myself with photoshop as well as other graghic art programs. Soon I’ll be able to creat posters, flyers, and album art all by my lonesome if I need too.

4. I moved to Gothenburg! well… sorta. I found a place on facebook that this woman was looking to rent out while she’s in India so for about a month I will be laying my hat in the middle of the city. Vasa Viktoria. Afterwards I may go back to Alingsås but today I’ve been given a couple of tips on places to rent in Hissingen.

So now you got a bit of news, some old some new. Next time I’ll try to write blog as events unfold!



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