Less than expected…

My night out didn’t turn out like I had hoped. Everyonce in a while I like to show up at the one place in town to have Karaoke. That statement is only half true but nevermind that. I text a few friends the day before and ask ’em if there up for some karaoke! I get three people to say yes. I’m feeling good.

Tonight is the night and just as I was going to get ready, I get text one of my friends saying she might work late but she’ll try to make it. I imediately know where this is going and sure enough I was right. I am suprised however that one friend, a new guy I know from the musical is allready there waiting for me. So I sit down with him by the bar order a Pepsi (’cause they didn’t have coke.) and we talk. The whole time somebody should be singing ‘Don’t stop believing’ poorly in the background but it was totally quiet.. sorta, for like 45 minutes.. So I get up and sing a song. Then another friend shows up and i think to myself, ‘ok, now it’s a party!’ But as soon as I was gonna sing my second song my drinking buddy had to catch the last tram home cause he had to get up early.

Well that sucked but it was understandable. So it’s just me and my last aquaintence. This is a girl I actually met there and she has an awsome voice! But suddenly while singing a song she kinda freaked out passed the microphone to anyone and I covered for her. when she came back she looked almost as if she had ben crying and told me she was leaving. “But we are gonna sing the next song together! It’s a duett!” She left and Instead of doing what i should have done and left with her to try and talk about what happened or something I stood there trying to think of another song to sing now that she backed out. The show must go on I guess.

And then there was one… Me solo in a crowd. Who am I kidding that place wasn’t half as full as usual with lots of people from many walks of life joined together to slaughter classic ballads. As you can imagine, it suddenly got really lame. So I left, came back to the apartment to blogg about it. That was the least fun I’ve ever had at a karaoke place. It wasn’t my friends fault. Sometimes we can’t get off from work, or have an early morning, or feel embarrassed over a vocal performance. It happens. It happened. I’m over it.

It just sucks that I’m the one who in the end.. is alone.

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