“MY SLAVE” New Song Available Right Now!

Available now on iTunes and Spotify

Well for those of you who haven’t heard I have a new song out on iTunes and Spotify. My Slave is the title! Give it a listen and if you like what you hear buy yourself a copy! It would make me extemely happy if you did me a favor and spread this song allover the place! Link it to everyone who might like it!

What is with that title? Well, it’s simple. The original inspiration is very biblical. I was reading a copy of the Sower a wonderful monthly magazine by Spirit and Truth Fellowship Internationaland and in it was a great article on pride vs. humility. From there on the song practically wrote itself! I always felt that pop music needs to sometimes explore a persons personal struggles and desires to be better as opposed to just partying or trying to get that special someone to notice you. I also like the idea of having such a deeply postive and impowering song sound like something a stripper might dance to. ;)

A quick shout out should go to Melisha who helped me musically find the right sound with this song and helped with the design of this and other singels cover art. Especially Emmi Urbanusson whose butterfly/birdcage concept was so elegant I wanted it here as well! Thanks!


Plenty of issues are available

Curious about the Sower log on to STFONLINE.ORG and check it out!


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