The DAVELO project!

So my internship has begun at DAVELO Interactive Marketing, and it looks promising. I’ve been given the task of developing a webb mini-series that should help spread the name of the company. I’ve been given allot of creative freedom on this project! Pretty much the only guidelines were: do a report on Davelo the same way I did the Gothia Cup reports. That covers allot of ground.

The story board of sorts

The story board of sorts

So this first week I’ve laid out the basic “story plan”. How many episodes are needed. Roughly how long they would be. In what direction these episodes would go thematically. AND above all what gags I should go for. I tossed these ideas at the boss Andreas Willhelmsson over lunch and I could tell he liked where it was going. Then we started brainstorming other ideas for jokes that could feature in the series.

Nerdwardo the skullcap at my workstation

Nerdwardo the skullcap at my workstation

I’m not gonna give away anything about the show suffice it to say each episode will heavily feature an aspect of DAVELO’s service. Hopefully the reffrences will be both blatant and clever. Something everyone can enjoy. It will be presented in Swenglish with me playing up my american roots and the clash of culture that could arise from being put in everyday swedish life.

I am looking forward to next week when I hopefully can get started filming. Why not tomorrow, you ask? Well because I’m traveling to Denmark tomorrow to perform with Dreamworld Entertainment before an entire school. More on that later. I’l be taking pictures and stuff so you will see what a great show we are putting together.

So till next week, Have a good one!


One thought on “The DAVELO project!

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    Thanks a lot -Rashad

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