We’ll just call this a rant, shall we

DISCLAIMER: The following is the ravings of a lunatic and should not be taken too seriously. Do not attempt to evaluate said lunatic on the grounds that most of what will be said he will most likely take back. And now on with the show.

You know the old saying. “Women. Can’t live with ’em, Can’t live without ’em.”Hehe.. Isn’t that good natured fun. Well, I once heard a far more darker variant of the phrase. “Women. Can’t live with ’em. can’t kill ’em.” Ouch! Quite frankly, I prefer the simpler: “Women. Can’t Live with ’em… Period.”

Ah if it were that simple. But alas, I don’t swing that way, so I’m stuck with the sex that can’t seem to make up thier mind about me.

“Is he cute and dependable? He’s no bad boy, but he does live the care free lifestyle and is in constant contact with the arts like a rock star. But he’s not brooding and tortured like an artist or vampire. I guess he can be sorta sexy… If I squint my eyes, and I’m feeling a lack of confidence.” -Every gril Ever.

Here’s something random!!! PAIN! As in the pain of being great one minute and not so hot the next! Some ladies can make this turn with in minutes. Or maybe they are better liars then I gave the credit. Smile at you like you are the best thing since Sliced Bread 2: Electric Boogaloo but all the while screaming This is a mistake. I guess men live of the sucess of womens mistakes! I know I have!

Lack of communication = hate (or more likely dwindling interest) I fear I can go overboard here and put in motion conversations just to feel like a valid member of the dating world. No points awarded toanyone who chickens out and simply stops all communication instead of being uppfront with said person… that includes me. I’ve been guilty of this once. I totaly understand how easy it is. But it still sucks.

I saw a video on youtube where a guy was trying to prove girls can be friends with guys but guys can’t. All girls admited to haveing guy friends that would want a relationship had that been on the table. There is only one flaw with this test. All this girls asked and heck even guys for that matter were of an equally slightly above average level of attactivness! Where are all the ugly people? Is the same true to them? I can admit if any of the girls in that video were”friends” with me Yeah I’d want more. But if they looked like Jabba the Hutt/Jar Jar Binks then Just Friends it is! I don’t give a crap if you call me shallow.

Girls are way worse when it comes to being shallow. As Twilight and Sex in the City has proved lots of women like the idea of something as oppossed to the genuine article. The idea is appealing to the eye and gives you the right amount of stimuli to make you want more. Like PORN! I would argue that entertainment like this is in essence female porn. Your surrogate has men do exactly what you hoped they would throw in a little false tension to give the illusion of drama and BAM! You’re whatever romance novel made into a movie that’s trendy now.

I’m not against romance mind you, God no! If anything all good movies have a romance of some kind. I just have a low tolerence for delibberate cash ins.

Bill Cosby said it best, “Women don’t wanna hear what men think, they wanna hear what they think but in a deeper voice.”

I have my ups and my downs. Some times my ups come from within you know? Some times it’s external. maybe even female related. The the downs come. And I realised i haen’t trained my self well enough to not be influenced by the goings ons and the shenanigans of the world outside myself.

I wanna personify my hurt and beat it to a bloody pulp. Maybe they’ll see me stading ove the body with my hands covered in blood, victorious. Maybe i’ll be good enough to go out with then. Haha! that is the logic that baffels.

I wonder if COMMUNITY was right. If remove the part of my brain that registers shame would I be completely irresistable to women? Think about it.

I strongly doubt any good can come of publishing this. it’s completely mad. And I guess all I really doing is letting off steam.

I met a girl who blew me off a long time ago.. she’s so happy with he new boyfriend. I then kinda relised it wasn’t just her that blew me off but all of her friends. It was like a year ago we all hung out and we never been able to make it happen again. not even one at a time. ALL FOUR of them have never attempted to just hang out with me since that one crazy nght we had all that fun!

I guess the lesson is. Trust… What’s that? As far as women as friends go. if it hasn’t been in affect in the last 6 months it will never be. Relationships.. screw that. Females in general that are not related to you. So long.. not like you gonna miss me.

I got bigger fish to fry! yet everytime I see a great looking girl all of what I just said doesn’t count. We’ll see how tonight goes. Care free always leads to attention.


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