Choir in Crisis!!

Ask me a week ago, “Hey Fillip! What are you doing Wednesday night?” I’d be all, “Easy, Gospel Choir.” ask me today, I’d probably say,”I’m not quite sure, can I get back to you.”

Apparently, things have changed abruptly in my gospel choir. It’s something that has allways been there but never really addressed. Or at least discussed in an orderly fashion to promote change. Instead what has been said has been misquoted, missunderstood. I guess I shouldn’t say “my” gospel choir. it was never “my” gospel choir to begin with. At the risk of faning the flames of misinterpretation between people of whom this post concerns. I chose to only give my impression of goings on, keeping names out of it entirely.

I’ve noticed a pattern in the way this choir progressed. For example, I had an idea of something the choir could do. It cost nothing. It all revolved around the idea that we want to sing for an audience. Who knows maybe even bless people by spreading¬† the positive message gospel music employs. But no matter how early I brought this to the attention of the choir that I felt strongly about doing this I was given the impression it was going to be discussed but in the end, buttkiss.

From what I understand other people had similar concerns and ideas that seemed to be met with the same lack of action. I eventually got over it. I guess part of me just loves being in the choir no matter what. But apparently this was an issue that need further exploration.

Unfortunetly all critique was taken poorly. The big meeting we were to have that I suggested, was canceled in favor of one on one telephone coversations. I didn’t agree with this course of action and felt that it sent the wrong signals. After talking at length with one person about this whole thing, I realized that there was no point trying to fight for something with people who do not wish to change their minds. I have to ask myself if this situation were more dating related, if it were a beautiful woman I was talking to on the phone and she said the same thing about our relationship. Would I stick around?

Perhaps that is an unfair analogy. I admit that. I guess choir is on a break. Trouble is, would this choir be angry if I started seeing other people?



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