KV 10 Seminar Part 1 How to Realise your Project.

I’m sitting, as of writing this, in a seminar about project leadership in the feild of film. Ricardo Samaniego is a student at Kulturverkstan who goes the class over me. I’m attending his seminar for two reasons: one. It’s apart of an assignment for school and two, I really think this seminar in particular might help me in the area I would like to explore.

Att förverkliga sitt projekt (or How to realise your project.)

Ricardo started off by telling a story about people who had no money to really make a movie but cleverly developed a story they could acheive very cheaply and without paying anyone involved. The shot a trailer which they sent to a film company in sweden and then was given a budget to shoot the movie that they had allready finnished principle photograghy on. This way of reverse engineering a movie project was pretty smart way to get funding but at the same time not let money be the very thing that stops your creativty.

Johanna Bernhardsson, was called to the stage to be interviewed, and later they showed a film she made. A documentary called, Cries and Disturbs the Others, which was a chilling and beautiful portrait of a family member who spent most of her life in a mental hospital. It was like watching Shutter Island only for real. Really great short documentary, if your into that sort of thing. Check it out.

If there was a point in this seminar that left me wanting more it’s the story of Johanna doing a film while pregnant with he third child. It seems like a seminar called “How to realise your project” was missing an account of someone blending her private life and project and making it work. An entire seminar could be about that alone!

If I have to complain about anything it’s the so called technical difficulties that could have been avoided had Ricardo cued up his material before hand saving the audience’s time. There was also the misleading nature of the title. As I understand, some changes were made after the synopsis of the seminar was release. So it kinda went from being about projects in general to documentary film projects. That is very specific and can lead to some disappointed people. I however want to make more movies so this wasn’t a big adjustment for me. Finally my I want to add that it felt too short, which is a bit of a compliment. There is alot of gold to mine here but sadly I felt I was left with sense that perhaps a different approach to the subject could have been more fun to watch.

In the end this was great seminar because I got to watch a good movie in the morning.

Stay tuned for part two!


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