KV 10 Seminar Part 2 Strength in One

“Not everybody comes to Kulturverstan looking to be a project leader. Some just want to get thier art out there!”

-Frida Hartvigsson

The seminar started off strong. Frida shared her story. How she ended up at the school Kulturverkstan. Which was a relatable story.

This seminar was all about whether there are strength in numbers or can much smaller organisations be more effective in project management. I think… Nope, I was wrong. Look maybe I dropped the boll on this one and didn’t pay attention well enough. I did find my self looking out the window allot. Then suddenly it was over. Oh crap, did I not get anything out of this? I suck.

I talked with a class mate who was leaving the seminar afterwards with me and it was only after discussing it with him I realised what this was all about. It was more or less a commercial for this group who help people who would rather focus on thier art then paperwork, called Producentbyrån (or Producer Bureau).

I came into that seminar expecting something that would strengthen me as a project leader. Instead the lesson was `if it’s too hard have someone else do it´. The guy from Producentbyrån had allot to say and basically took over the whole seminar giving me the impression that the seminar was advertising his company. The question I would have like to have explored was whether there was a downside to letting someone do all the work while you only play.

Only reason I didn’t ask was because I was totally lost during the seminar. Which arguably was my own fault. Bottom line I was expecting something else entirely and what I got had allot to live up to, which I know is unfair but that’s how I expreienced it. What was said wasn’t bad, even though I found it hard to concentrate sometimes. I think the whole thing could have benifited from being told in story form. Someone’s experiences retold to drive home a point. The point being that there is allways a way to make your project come to life.


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