Man last night was crazy!

I had work last night. As usual. But i dunno. Something was different. Each one of us brought it. The crowd went wild. I mean litterally wild. It was almost scary. There were tons of people who simply could not stay seated and found themselves forced to dance! It was amazing to get that kind of engergy from the audience!

Oh yeah, I also did something new. After the show I left, which was a first for me. Everyday since we started doing the show I have basicallly stayed at Park Lane and just partied. But since my sister had a gig last night at Lotus Bar for a charity thing I decided to go there and see her show. Unfortunetly the mic wasn’t working at all so the show was canceled which really sucked. I think the dude who organised this thing owes my sister a gig! But it being my first time a Lotus Bar it was really nice plus it was cool to dance to classic RnB songs!
I’m supprised I even got up this early! Anyone who want’s to see the show I know we got space for two so just give me a hollar if your interested!


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