Christmas Spirits?


Yesterday I spent time with my family and we decided to do some christmas baking. Here in Sweden there are a few specific pasteries indigenous to the Christmas season with in the country. They taste amazing by the way. The tv was on in the background and grandma wanted watch another christmas staple known as the Christmas Callendar. A 24 episode long kids show that every year has something to do with the holliday. Each year is something different. In this particular episode kids attempt to contact the dead though a ouigi board. Wait, what?! Is it just me or doesn’t that sound more like a holloween thing. Not only that but it’s times like these you gotta wonder if the world has forgotten about arguably the scariest movie of all time, The Exorcist in which Linda Blair’s character got possesed in the first place because she played with a Ouigi Board. Whether or not you believe in the Devil that film should pretty much scare you away from messing with that stuff. But I suppose that detail has been overlooked.


Ghosts have aparently been a yule tide thing for a while. The greatest example is Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.Anybody who doesn’t know this story has probably been dead for the past 100 years. A rich old fart doesn’t give a crapalbum-andy-williams-live-christmas-treasures about the holliday until ghosts scare him straight, not by being spooky per say but by mostly showing him his life and the effect he has on others. Now that’s a ghost story to tell during Christmas. Andy Williams seems to think that telling scary ghost stories is what makes Christmas “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year“. Perhaps he meant the Dickens tale. Huh.. “You scared the Dickens out of me!” Is that where that saying comes from?

My point is: Holding a seans isn’t my idea of Christmas family fun time! For me the only death I will expose myself to will be the body count in my Christmas Action Movie Double Bill. Die Hard and Lethal Weapon!



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