Advertisment a plus?

In school we had a debate about whether commercials were good or not. So we broke up into groups and took a catagorey to discuss and examine. Mine was: Creativity and Inspiration. So I wrote the following speech.

“It’s not what you say but how you say it that inspires.

An ad can inspire someone to study. It can inspire someone to finally quit smoking. A commercial on tv or a poster at a buss stop doesn’t have to result in purchase of any product. it can be the seed planted in a mind that makes a person think again.

“I wanna be a film director!”

Think of the garage band who barely makes ends meet playing at cafés for years who finally get their big break through advertisment. They get to live out their dream. Think about the creative minds that got their start in advertisment. Ridley Scott for example who went on to create film classics that define our culture.

Advertisment generates money to support many artists in every feild.

Advertisments creates feelings.

Advertisements creates expieriences.

Advertisments creates posabilities.

Advertisements makes way for more creativity both individually and in society.

Advertisment lifts the world of art!

Advertisment is ART!”


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