Contraversy Be Damned!

Reciently I Tweeted the following:

@FillipWilliams: Apparently it’s racist to include Gingerbreadmen around Christmas time here in Sweden. I say, why take AWAY a roll that was practically made for darker skinned people? THAT’S racist!

It was just a silly comment to be taken lightly. But unfortunetly we live in a universe filled with people who can’t take anything lightly and actively look for meaning in nothing just so they can get angry. I dunno the full story and quite frankly I don’t care. I simply wanted to share something awesome my friend and Co worker made. It’s taking the very traditional gingerbread song that all this fuss was about and fused it with a convinietly titled pop song “Jag kommer” by Veronica Maggio. If you are Swedish this will make more sense. If not I hope you listen anyway and now knowing a bit of the context appreciate the parody. Enjoy!

Special Thanks to Melisha for the awesome song!

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