Iron Sky vs. FAQ About Time Travel

Reciently I watched two films that were Sci-Fi comedies that you may or may not have heard of. I decided i talk about ’em here. Both of these I heard about and thought to myself I might want to see them. So first up is a movie that seemed ambitious and full of potential.


When I first heard about this I saw a big poster for it and was instantly interested. I loved the premise. Sometime during the second world war Nazis managed to escape and hide on the dark side of the moon only to return later intent on finnishing Hitlers vision. The trailer featured key characters where you could kinda tell what needed to happen in the story for it to be movie. You had the idealistic leading lady who having been lied to all her life teaches the children of the moon how the nazis stood for unity and peace. The token black guy who in a movie about nazis becomes the wise cracking unexpected hero. The president of the united states a Sarah Palin look-a-like who’s mostly comic relief and of course the Big bad guy nazis that truly want to take over the world.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it? It’s only mildly amusing. What didn’t work? The script is a mess. It’s written and directed by a finish guy who obviously loves amican movies but refused to stick to the formula that most american movies have which at first is this scripts saving grace giving proceedings an unexpected slant. But every place these unexpected story threads go don’t have a satifying pay off. There are allot of jokes that feel forced and could have been explored better. One thing this could have done with out is the heavy handed political satire. One scene that stands out is when a sudden parody of the bunker scene in Downfall kinda happens, problem was instead of recognising the parody I was trying to figure out who this woman was what job she had why she was so pissed off. That was a failure on the part of the director. The script also seemed to forget that the most important characters are the idealist lead and her plucky black sidekick. The actress playing her is beautiful and did a good job she just lacked a defining hero moment but perhaps the biggest sin is the black guy. This character is taken to really unexpected territory. Eveyone of his comedy scenes feel like they could be funnier with a better actor. Will Smith he ain’t. It’s such a Will Smith kind of roll too. But then again I’m sure Will wouldn’t have any trouble taken down a 7o something year old mad scientist in the climax. Pitiful. The most important thing any movie should have is satifying ending. In a movie like this the ending should leave you with the tone the movie had up to that point. I wanted to have a good laugh but the last shot of the film is dark.

ironsky_renaterichterWhat worked. One thing you gotta admire is that the director made a movie that his 1332805350-postfans realy wanted to see and actually sent him money to help fund. Some of the visual effects, alltough not up to parr with big budget hollywood productions, are quite impressive. Much of the movie is forgiveable because of the labour of love sentiment that went into making it, but as a movie goer it might not be enough. The best joke was probably the bad guys thouroghly unromantic and utterly nazi-esque marrige proposal to our leading lady in the begining. I’m glad the appropriate languages were spoken. Allot of german is in this movie but that is to be expected. Subtitles are present but there are plenty of english spoken as well so don’t worry. My last compliment to the film is perhaps a very superficial one. There are pretty girls in this movie. Julia Deitze who plays Renate the lead is adorable and naiv but gets increasingly sexier as she progresses through the movie. Peta Sergeant is pretty hot through out this film but unfortunetly I never understood her characters motives which annoyed me. She just get increasingly over the top. Still sexy though.

In the end it’s definetly worth a watch but it’s nothing I’m gonna buy on bluray.

Tune in next time when I talk about Frequently Asked Questions about something or the other…


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