Iron Sky vs. FAQ About Time Travel part 2


Unlike Iron Sky I never saw a poster or even a trailer for FAQ About Time Travel. I heard about it in my Empire magazine. I knew virtually nothing about this film. I found out through that movie magazine that it was like Dr. Who meets Shaune of the Dead. In other words very Brittish. The title pretty much says it all. All I knew beyond that was that it focused on friends in a pub.

After a great opening gag the movie slows down a bit to introduce us to our trio. Who they are and how they are together. Two nerds and a douchbag basically. But as soon as the sci-fi element ligitimently gets added to story the threat level is raised and later even some pathos is hinted at. I don’t wanna give too much away in this review because I knew very little about this movie and my expierence is all the better for it. Chris O’Dowd is wonderfully charming as a leading man as Hollywood no doubt is aware of. Anna Faris is a deicent love interest. Her character handels the bulk of expostion but while watching her it never feels that way plus her and O’Dowd seem like a believable couple. She was written more like a “Weird Science” sexy dream woman archetype but I found her just geeky enough to be interested in O’Dowd’s character that gave the romance credibility. The other two are good in their respective rolls delivering just the right amount of laughs and drama in a film like this.

So what can I talk about? The film has a few suprises that remind me of the first Mission: Impossible. You know, the “That was there the whole time?” kind of thing. I liked that. The script is definetly smart. It uses it’s budget constraints to it’s advantage and delivers a tight story full of laughs and suspence. The three main characters never leave the pub once the movie gets started for reals. Heck, the furthest they go is the pub’s back yard!

The poster gives a great shout out to the “Back to the Future” franchise which sums up the movie quite well a nod to the great, fun, sci-fi we all grew up with. Honestly this one is worth a watch more then once. I was so confident that this movie was going to be good that I purchased the film before seeing it. That in it’s self should suffice as a rating. I was spot on! This movie is great.

Iron Sky on the other hand was fun too but lacked in the writing department making this film not the experience you would want on movie night. Prior to seeing Iron Sky I knew I wanted to see it but I wasn’t willing to pay for it.

The Winner is… Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel!


2 thoughts on “Iron Sky vs. FAQ About Time Travel part 2

  1. arośniętej jakości. – Widziałeś? – spytał
    Torsten rozemocjonowany rycerz, słuchając Arnolda wewnątrz rurka.
    – Kogo? – Aliści owe
    Cztan spośród Rogowa! Obaj rycerze spoglądali spośród podziwem na
    mocarza, który, jako leg.

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