About Your’s Truly

Öckerö in the Good Ol' Days

From tallest to shortest, Me, Cousin Johan, Sister Doreal, Cousin Elise

I was born in Stuttgart, Germany in Febuary 6th 1984. Dad was in the United States Army and we moved around allot. A little time in Germany, a little time in America, and when ever we could we’d spend our summers in Sweden where, of course, my Mom is from. So to recap I’m half American and half Swedish.

In 1998 we made the move to Alingsås, Sweden where the majority of my teen years and adult life was spent. I learned quickly one thing about myself during this time. I want to be the center of attention. Which is hard to do without a big ego. So I started singing and acting. Eventually I made it on to swedish television. IDOL 2004. Look it up. I kept on working as an artist until I realised I wanted to know how to make movies. Suddenly I’m behind the camera on Swedish shows like Doobidoo and Kommissarie Winter.

I love entertainment. I love to entertain. This blog will not only serve as place for me to give the world updates on my thoughts and musings but also showcase my talent and upcoming projects.

So long story short, just enjoy the show!


One thought on “About Your’s Truly

  1. So…after all these years…I finally have caught up with The Devil of Worchester himself!!!

    YOU STILL LOOK THE EXACT SAME! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I mean I know its freezing up there in the arctic circle, but you look like you’ve been cryogenically frozen when you were 16 and just thawed out recently!
    Yes, I know what you want to ask, “How did you find me?”
    Answer: YOUTUBE!!!
    I figured that you, of all folks, would maybe be someone of at least local fame and might post something to youtube, so I typed you in and there you were singing with some chick who looked like an older version of Doreal, but of course, I knew that couldn’t really have been Doreal since we all know that Doreal is only 10 years old (or is she 11 now?)
    Then I found some funny videos of you in a bathroom shouting, “Be right out!!!” Cleaver…Where did you get that line from?

    Great to see you well after all these years, my old friend.
    How are the folks?
    Grandpa Stig?
    How are the crabs that we caught at Okodor (or whatever it’s called)?
    Did you ever graduate from Landstuhl Middle School or did you weep so much when (was her name Michele?) left that you dropped out? I can’t ever remember the names of some of the others, but Lisa Froelich and the German girls in your town that used to say, “YOU COME OUTSIDE!!!”

    Ah those carefree days of yesteryear when we used to sit up late and talk about Drake and Polka Pete and Stephen Bobby John and The Flaming Mustache and Doctor Scum-Bunny!!! Remember that one? I just remembered one…Giant Junius!

    Ah yes, as for myself…Well allow me to begin:
    Age: 39 (40 in July!!!)
    Location: Padova, Italy working for Exelis Inc.
    Religion: No longer Catholic, but a Bible-believing, devil-hatin’ born again Baptist growing closer to The Lord everyday!!! (I know, I know, how do you become a Baptist living in the
    Pope’s back yard? Answer: The grace of God Almighty!!!
    Marital Status: Married to a girl named Angela (She’s half Italian, half German) since 2004
    Children: Valentino age 7 and Sophia age 5
    Animals: 1 Dog (Jiggs) and 3 cats (names unimportant as they themselves are equally unimportant)
    Email address: this one
    Phone number: 0039 0444 737 542

    I’m going to bed now, Dory, but it was great to “cybernetically” catch up with you and If you do not write, call, or telepathically communicate with me soon, I will…I will…uh…I’ll be so mad that I’ll…probably just assume that you’ve been killed in a flaming bulldozer explosion. (Remember that one?)

    Write or call. Or send me your num. so that I can call you (if you’re a lame cheap-o that can’t spend a few euros to talk to your old buddy, Rory)

    I love ya, daddy-o!!! Greetings to all your family and tell Doreal that I want my roller skates back. She’s borrowed them long enough.


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