“MY SLAVE” New Song Available Right Now!

Available now on iTunes and Spotify

Well for those of you who haven’t heard I have a new song out on iTunes and Spotify. My Slave is the title! Give it a listen and if you like what you hear buy yourself a copy! It would make me extemely happy if you did me a favor and spread this song allover the place! Link it to everyone who might like it!

What is with that title? Well, it’s simple. The original inspiration is very biblical. I was reading a copy of the Sower a wonderful monthly magazine by Spirit and Truth Fellowship Internationaland and in it was a great article on pride vs. humility. From there on the song practically wrote itself! I always felt that pop music needs to sometimes explore a persons personal struggles and desires to be better as opposed to just partying or trying to get that special someone to notice you. I also like the idea of having such a deeply postive and impowering song sound like something a stripper might dance to. ;)

A quick shout out should go to Melisha who helped me musically find the right sound with this song and helped with the design of this and other singels cover art. Especially Emmi Urbanusson whose butterfly/birdcage concept was so elegant I wanted it here as well! Thanks!


Plenty of issues are available

Curious about the Sower log on to STFONLINE.ORG and check it out!



I got screwed in a drive through!

Lovin' it, not so much.

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I where traveling to Gothenburg from Skövde. It was kinda late. We had just performed the musical HAIRSPRAY for the last time and we were both feeling a bit hungry. “You want McDonalds?” Linus asked. (That’s my friends name.) I wanted something to eat so Mickey D’s was perfect at the time. So we pull over into the town of Skara, and before you know it we were in the drive through. We still had this buzz of excitement from our last show in our heads. We were in good spirits. After we place our order, I get this urge to wanna flirt with the girl taking our order just by hearing her voice. Turns out I sure can pick ’em. She was a real cutey.

Now from my POV both my friend and I were spontanious charming and funny. The girls we spoke to, Malin and Malin, didn’t seem the least bit irritated, or peturbed. But then again what do I know about what women think? For all I know Malin had a long day and five minutes before we rolled up she was sexually harrassed by her much older boss. “What are you talking about? I’m only 23!” says Adam, Malin’s supervisor. SHUT UP YOU! I shreik as I scold him with boiling water. While the fictional character of Adam screams in pain on the floor of my basement. I lock the door shut and continue my story while sipping a cup of warm coco.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Well anyway, My friend and I are just about to congradulate eachother on being awsome and that when it happened… the title of this blog post came to fruition. Not like that you perverts!

We were given our meals and we drove off. I started with the Fries as one does because cold fries taste nasty, don’t they? Linus was driving so it wasn’t really the time to eat a burger. To be nice I waited for us to pullover somewhere to eat efficiently. We must have driven 6 miles (i’m no good at mesuring distance so I’m just guessing.) before we finally pulled over.

I was sooo hungry! Mmmm… this was gonna hit the spot! We both open the the cardboard protective box and attempt several times lift up the burger. What happened? The bread must be really soggy or something. What the hell!? They didn’t give us the bread bottoms! Not only that but we recieved no napkins either! We got screwed!

This has never happened to me before. I’m a nice guy. I’m not exactly used to being had by strangers just because. So forgive my initial shock. I wasn’t just shocked but the more I had to eat a Big Tasty upside down as luke warm grease drips down my hands. I started thinking who would do this? Why someone would do this and if in some way did we deserve it? The girl who took our order doesn’t have anything to do with the making of the burger. Unless she told the people who make the burger to mess with us. My thoughts, which at this point are very vocal and are all over the place, consider all possiblities. Most of them involved the conclusion that girls are untrustworthy sneaky creatures that thrive off of making nice guys feel terrible. It’s safe to assume I wasn’t in a rational mood. Linus however for the first time since I’ve known him was the uber opptimist (it’s not like he’s a Negative Nancy or Minus Linus as the case may be, I’ve onl known him for a few months.) starts thinking of possible ways this was a good thing, like “Maybe they made a mistake or maybe they did it on purpass so we wuld have to go back.” I wanted to believe him, I did but I was in a bad place where girls have ripped out my insides one too many times. Talk about overreacting! It’s just a botched burger! I should thank God they didn’t add a mysterious sauce to my beef sandwich. But that’s how my mind works, if I get less then what I paid for at fastfood joint, I start questioning my place in the universe.

The next day Linus did the unthinkable… No, he didn’t hold an orphanage hostage untill the perpatraders finally revealed themselves. I say unthinkable because I never would of thought to do this. He found her on Facebook and confronted her about the issue. “She said she didn’t know anything about it.” He reported back to me. “She could be lying!” Why did I still care? We never did solve the case of the missing burger bottom… Damn THAT should have been the title. Oh well. If i had to make a realistic reason this happened I’d say the dude making the burger didn’t like two random guys successfully chatting up a girl he’s had a crush on since highschool and is actually working there just to work up the nerve to ask her to prom, know what I mean? He’s all like, “Those sons of bitches think they can just roll up and take her away from me? I’ll show them… Haha, not only will they have a difficulty eating this burger but the slow working poison I injected into the meat ought to cause a sudden death a few weeks from now!”  He laughs maniacally as th

Less than expected…

My night out didn’t turn out like I had hoped. Everyonce in a while I like to show up at the one place in town to have Karaoke. That statement is only half true but nevermind that. I text a few friends the day before and ask ’em if there up for some karaoke! I get three people to say yes. I’m feeling good.

Tonight is the night and just as I was going to get ready, I get text one of my friends saying she might work late but she’ll try to make it. I imediately know where this is going and sure enough I was right. I am suprised however that one friend, a new guy I know from the musical is allready there waiting for me. So I sit down with him by the bar order a Pepsi (’cause they didn’t have coke.) and we talk. The whole time somebody should be singing ‘Don’t stop believing’ poorly in the background but it was totally quiet.. sorta, for like 45 minutes.. So I get up and sing a song. Then another friend shows up and i think to myself, ‘ok, now it’s a party!’ But as soon as I was gonna sing my second song my drinking buddy had to catch the last tram home cause he had to get up early.

Well that sucked but it was understandable. So it’s just me and my last aquaintence. This is a girl I actually met there and she has an awsome voice! But suddenly while singing a song she kinda freaked out passed the microphone to anyone and I covered for her. when she came back she looked almost as if she had ben crying and told me she was leaving. “But we are gonna sing the next song together! It’s a duett!” She left and Instead of doing what i should have done and left with her to try and talk about what happened or something I stood there trying to think of another song to sing now that she backed out. The show must go on I guess.

And then there was one… Me solo in a crowd. Who am I kidding that place wasn’t half as full as usual with lots of people from many walks of life joined together to slaughter classic ballads. As you can imagine, it suddenly got really lame. So I left, came back to the apartment to blogg about it. That was the least fun I’ve ever had at a karaoke place. It wasn’t my friends fault. Sometimes we can’t get off from work, or have an early morning, or feel embarrassed over a vocal performance. It happens. It happened. I’m over it.

It just sucks that I’m the one who in the end.. is alone. An update that’s punctual.

I know I know, I really suck at keeping you informed as event occur. But on the bright side now I got allot to tell! Where to start?

1. I’m in the musical Hairspray brought to you by Revymakarna in Skövde! It’s a blast! I play Seaweed J Stubbs, an integral roll in the show that moves the plot forward. It feels good to be on stage like this again and feel like part of a team. This ensemble is amazing. By the way, a quick prayer should go out to a talented member of the cast who reciently injured her knee performing the big finale. We should all wish her a speedy recovery.

The Cast of Hairspray in Skövde 2012speedy recovery.


2. Public Presentation. All through the fall and winter I have been working on a school project with the worlds best project group, and all good things must come to an end. If my school focused on teaching piano, this was our recidal. We had to basically give a presentation that told the uniniciated about our project, what we did and the results of our work. I gotta say after getting our feedback it’s safe to say we knocked it out of the park.

3. Now that the project is over what are we gonna learn in school? I’ll tell you what! The fun stuff! Today we were introduced to In Design a software program that allows you to create a lay out for… well, pretty much anything. This next course we’re taking will allow me to better fimiliarize myself with photoshop as well as other graghic art programs. Soon I’ll be able to creat posters, flyers, and album art all by my lonesome if I need too.

4. I moved to Gothenburg! well… sorta. I found a place on facebook that this woman was looking to rent out while she’s in India so for about a month I will be laying my hat in the middle of the city. Vasa Viktoria. Afterwards I may go back to Alingsås but today I’ve been given a couple of tips on places to rent in Hissingen.

So now you got a bit of news, some old some new. Next time I’ll try to write blog as events unfold!



All in due time…

I was chatting with someone online just now, and realised something.

This person hasn’t lived in Sweden and never me before last summer. So I’m a fresh face to her. After a while you get to know people and find out things about there past. Finding out about my past is as easy as google-ing my name. Chances are to those out there who I am a complete stranger to, finding out about that whole Idol thing comes perhaps as a bit of a shock.

Anyway the girl i was chatting with wanted to know about that time and what happened and stuff and I told her but she seemed confused. She sees the artist I am now and wonders how a guy as talented as me hasn’t soared to greater hights. Wow just writing that was uncomfortable. But then I think, “Look where I am. I live in sweden. Here it’s practically illegal to believe you are capable of doing anything well.”

She couldn’t believe I hadn’t released 6 albums by now and the whole time I felt like I was defending the all around structure of society that had held me back. As if to say, “if you were in sweden in 2004 you wouldn’t like me as much.”

What the hell is that all about? I told her about all the big things I have done and that I will be huge when I’m good and ready! I’m actually happy with my life. I do however know that my carreer can be even greater. But it’s all in due time… (see what i did there? I worked in the title.) For now I am still taking steps up. Last night I was in Studio Bohus and sang backing vocals for the rock group HEAT with new frontman Erik Grönvall as lead singer. We took some pics!

At any rate I’m networking and I rather be a self made man then some of those pop sensations that were told what to do by some shady manager only in it for the cash. Eventually i’ll get there. One step at a time.

New Christmas Song FIRST FEW MINUTES out now on iTunes and Spotify!

My Christmas Song Cover

Guess what! It’s Christmas! This time of year would not be the same without the music to create the right mood! I remember when my sister Doreal and producer Melisha wrote a christmas song together a few years ago. I felt like I wanted to make one too! Last year I finally came up with a new angle on the classic clichés andstandard mainstays of the genres.

So… here it is. First Few Minutes is christmas in a nutshell with a pop sensability. But what does the title mean? Well, think about the callender, the way we westerners measure what year it is. It all starts with the birth of Christ. So the first few minutes of the very first year were very precious. That kind of highlights how imoportant Jesus is and that emulating him during christmas is what it’s makes December so nice! That’s a message everyone can enjoy!

This song is available on iTunes and Spotify just in time for you to get into the holliday spirit.

Hi! … or not.. =(

Here’s something I don’t get. Somepeople, have this weird thing about them I can’t put my finger on but it bugs the hell out of me. Here in Sweden I have encountered this more often then I’d like to remember. Strangely it seems that women are the ones who do this the most!

Here are three quick anicdotes. Back in high school I would be more normal happy go lucky self and one day I said hi to a girl who is one year my senior and took the same classes as me. We never really talked before so we were practically strangers. So I say hi one time when I saw her outside of school. She just looked at me. Since then i made it my mission to say hello every time i see her. Chances are she can’t not know who I am after a while. So I did and sure enough she looked bewildered each time I kindly greeted her. A month or so later I go to hang out with a friend who in turn is working with a girl who recognises me. After i leave she asks my friend about me. Acording to my buddy, these were her words.

“You know that guy?”


“Really? I gotta ask you something. He has been saying ‘hi’ to my friend for weeks but they don’t even know eachother. Is he allight? You know… in the head?”


Apparently I must be insane because here in Sweden we don’t greet people or make new friends at all. The ones you were born with are fine. No need to acknowledge other human beings… avoid them all together if possible.

Story 2 This is more recient:

I’m in a musical now and practice is under way. But because i am practically alone as far as friends go it’s up to me to make new ones. But this doesn’t sit right for some. There are two girls i see on the train to Gothenburg quite often that are in the show. Heck they go to the school right next to mine. Everytime I’d see them I’d sit down and chat. Quickly I realised they were not that interested in small talk… not with me anyway. I actively decided to not sit with them anymore. Some times we bump into eachother but still it felt awckward. Then I gave them the ultimate test. I sat near them and didn’t say anything. I was within eyeshot the whole time. We got of at the same stop and used the same door and walked in the same direction for a few minutes practically side by side and they said nothing! That’s what I call aggressively ignoring me. Is it that much of a bother to be pleasent?

Story 3 the one that hurts,

Twice with in the same year have I found myself infatiuated with a beautiful girl who seemed to be into me at the very least a little on some level. I run into them at the train station, seperately mind you, and I walk up to say hi and this look flashes over thier face that i recognise and almost imediately deny registering it. It a big smile that says “Oh shit it’s him! I better be polite and try to leave as soon as possible.” Next time i saw those particular girls I did them a favor and pretended I didn’t see them to make it easier to sneak past me.

I’m such a nice guy that even in rejection i’m thinking of ways to make the girl feel better at least. =(

Three short stories of odd behavior. Has anything like this happened to you? Lemme know in my comments section. Ladies, are guys just as bad? I wanna hear your stories!

Hello later!

Project Over

It’s official. My school project is over! I told you in a past blog post what my project was about. Here’s a quick recap.

My project group and I have to basically collect information on what the people of Eriksbo want their recreation center to be, and try to inspire more participation in the community. Sounds cool, huh? So after al the planning we finally get started and before you know it we were done. How did it go? Mission accomplished.. I guess.

Well truthfully I feel like the most important thing didn’t exactly turn out as desired. How do you get people to get excited about something? You can’t force someone to care enough to show up to a party or what have you. There was this christmas market that we were going to be apart of and I worked my butt off to get a Zumba instructor to be there so that something that they towns people asked for would actually be available for them. That way they would know all of our hard work actually paid off. During the market I did my absolute best to be the fun guy at the party you want to hang with… I asked around, inviting anyone and everyone to the Zumba workshop later. Everyone i talked to seemed excited. A few people said that they’d be there.

Nobody showed up. Part of me was hurt. Like the kinda hurt you feel when you ask your friends to do you a favor only to find out they forgot to do it and thus leaving you empty handed. By the way that happened too.

So the towns apathy eventually got the best of me as it got the best of the others before me, who only wanted to enrichen thier lives. So now that the physical labor portion of the project is over now starts the more cerebral task. The Project Report. This is arguably the most important aspect of our project. This document will be handed over to our superiors in order for them to gain a better understanding of how best to plan for the future. Tomorrow is the due date! After ten o’clock it all sunshine and lolliepops because CHRISTMAS BREAK IS IN AFFECT!

There is a class party and stuff it’s gonna be great fun fo sho!

Music News Update! “Psychotic” and “Aylayo” out now and more!

How long was it since my last post! I dunno, actually I don’t wanna know. But here’s some music news for you!

I got two songs that our out right now.

The first one is PYCHOTIC Written by me and Melisha and featuring Irena from NJOY. Available on now Spotify and iTunes. This is a another single from my upcoming album SOLILOQUY!

Cover Art by Fillip Williams and Melisha

It’s about the personal process I’ve gone through when meeting beautiful yet shallow women. Who is the crazy when you really break it down? The inspiration came to me after feeling let down by a woman I thought was interested in me, who instead of telling me staight away that she was in a relationship and therefore had no desire to start dating me, gave me the impression she might want to meet up. Who does that? Why do I fall for these types? Fully developed curves, not so fully developed personality.

The other is AYLAYO written by Majestic and Salomo, produced by Kry with vocal arrangment by yours truely! Available on Youtube right now and as of writing this post, will soon be on iTunes and Spotify.

Aylayo is a summer hit!

This is a decient party song that’s very much intended for Mohumbi. In fact the boys wrote it for him and simply needed someone with singin’ chops to perform a demo version that could be used to attract the right attention. As such this isn’t a song that is technically representitive of me as an artist and will not be featured on my upcoming album. I kinda see it as me doin’ a Akon thing on a David Guetta track. But if you love the song, don’t be sad at all, you can listen to it as much as you want on youtube!

Here’s a link! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QP1uSIjYKYQ

Give them both a listen and come back here and let me know what you think! Write a comment below or subscribe!

In other music news I’m reopening the work file on last years Christmas song “FIRST FEW MINUTES” some of you may remember I posted a simple version of the song on Soundcloud last year as a sort of digital Christmas present. Well I’m this close to deploying a slick “song writers cut” version complete with awsome harmonies that’ll make the first version need therapy to deal with it’s inadiquicy issues.

So the next songs that should hit the net is “FIRST FEW MINUTES” followed by the not so X-Masy yet totally pop “MY SLAVE”.

Any questions?


New Song Released!


It’s here! I’ve been working in the studio a long time and finally you all get a chance to see what I’ve been up to. Check out the link below to listen to the first track I worked on with Melisha the amazing vocal and producing talent who is even featured on the song.

But why stop there? You can even buy the song straight from the website!

Old Man Nature felt like a good track to release first not only because chronologically it is the first song we made but it also showcases my tendency to mix genre. The song itself goes through a number of changes stylisticly starting with a soft almost spacey sound and ending with a gospel club feel that gets you syked up for the next single.

That’s right this is one of three singles that will be released in the same fashion with plans on releasing said songs later on iTunes and Spotify!

And of course once the album is complete all of it is going to be released in a similar way.

So help me make this the best selling album of all time! Spread the word! Beg everyone you know to get my music right now!

click here:


So much to take in

I have theme in mind see if you can guess what it is.

In class today we had an awsome lecture about intergort- INTERGORTION?(ahem… 30 Rock reference hehe.. ) I mean, intergretion, and no that is not the theme so stop trying to get ahead of me and pay attention. He told us a story.

Once a man went walk along the river. As he continued to walk he saw the most horrific sight. Lots of men and women working hard to take care of the wounded bodies floating down the river. The man saw this and shook his head and continued to walk up stream. The people helping all the wounded shouted to the man, “What’s the matter with you? Have you no humanity? Don’t just walk away, help us!”

The man replied, “I’m not walking away. I’m going to find out who is doing this and stop them!”

This guy, the man in the story, is Batman! Seroj, the lecturer, implied that each of us have the possiblity to be the man in the story. I can be BATMAN! Suddenly my roll as a cultural project leader got a whole lot sexier!

He also spoke of an experiment some of his students had made where they made a short documentary film where they ask two simple questions to many different students at different schools. Some schools were located in areas of high economical value and some in low. The questions were: What’s the most important things in life? and the other was What will you be doing ten years from now? What they found out was that pretty much everyone had the same answer for the first question. Live well, family, friends that kinda stuff. But the innercity students from public schools of lower stature couldn’t really answer the second question. What kinda country do we live in where people who consider themselves outsiders, have no dreams.

The issue of race has never been a thing for me. Mom and Dad raised me right apparently. Mom is white. Dad is black. I am white, black and brown! I’m not excluding anything. I’m feel apart of everything! Which always struck me as weird when mulatos (not to be confused with something you pick up at starbucks) would lable themselves one or the other. Halle Berry is a strong black female, according to her, despite having a white mother who raised her practically on her own during a time when that was tabu, to put it mildly. That doesn’t sit right with me personally.

Funny thing happened to me the other day on facebook. Some guy I never met before wrote me a message. Did I mention he used racial slurs to say hello. I levelheadedly responded trying to get to the bottom of why a stranger would do this. maybe he was drunk and felt like talkin’ trash, maybe he was furious with me over something i unknowingly did to him. Mistaken identity perhaps? Which is a piss poor excuse to call anyone something like THAT. After exposing our conversation on facebook and getting leagues of friends to support me. I was contacted by this person and he claims that someone missused his facebook posing as him and made those comments. Which, if true, is really unfortunate. Either way Rasism is still around and it’s ugly.

Today something was brought to my attention. I wrote an e-mail addressing the folks in my project group in school. Under subject I wrote something like, “We got a challenge girls!” And one of them didn’t like that. I could clearly see this person was in distress. My reaction was simply,”Are you not a girl?” I felt a conflict coming on. My heart was pounding, my hands started to shake ever so slightly and part of me wanted to leap out and acuse her of hipocracy, despite the claim not being entirely valid. But I stopped and said to myself, none of this is personal so speak from your head not from a wounded heart. I listened and told my teammate I meant no disrespect and in the future will refrain from … from… uh.. what exactly did I do wrong? As I’m writing this I find my self coming up with ways to not specify what gender my projectgroup is. It’s no secret at all but I don’t want to unknowingly hurt someone’s feelings. Anyone who knows me would know my heart and see that I don’t talk down to people intentionally.

The gender issue. I’m surrounded by people who are aware of the unfair treatment some may get because of their gender. I agree, society sucks like that. But it has taken an interesting toll on me. I’ve been feeling less like a man lately. Why do I put so much value into the roll I suspect I as a man should have? I dunno… On the flip side, the world isn’t fair and it’s not gonna change over night. Men and women buy into the rolls society gave them minus a few exceptions and only a select few activly work against the norm in order to make balance in the statistics. I salute them. In the mean time let’s make lemonade out of less than desirable circumstances and celebrate the moments we got it good.

I guess the theme was: perspective. To someone else, you are someone else. Which is one thing we all have in common.

..isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

This week I’m the project leader for my group in school. It’s a little scary. My predecessors were great, so how can I top that. Suddenly it hit me that a great leader surounds himself/herself with compitant people and focuses thier efforts in order to be productive. “Fake it till you make it!” That’s the story of my life, so this should be easy.

I dunno why today felt terrible. It’s probably a combination of a number factors.


I want to do a great job, and find out that I don’t need to change at all. You know, I was born for this. I know in my heart that that is not the case. It takes some getting used to. What if I can’t handle the critique? What if I can’t handle the leadership roll? What if I overcompinsate and everyone thinks I’m an asshole?

I try not to let on how much self doubt is actually consuming me. I keep quite and let them speak amungst themselves. They usually come to a conclusion or a decision on thier own. Pappa Smurf need not make an appearence. I simply add something like, “Good, we’ll just do that then.”, as a way of ending the discussion.


I’m the only guy in my group. I’m surounded by ladies, which addmittedly doesn’t sound like a bad thing, but my decidely checkered trackrecord with the opposite sex rears it’s ugly head. I know it’s really in to aspire to have a “genus perspective” but old habits die hard. I’m not trying to get my freak on with anyone in my group, lemme get that straight right now. I just mean… Will they respond positively or negatively to an Alpha-male?

I believe in equallity for all and all that jazz, but society has appointed rolls for men and women long ago and oddly I find my self the “oppressed woman of yesteryear” in allot of social situations. (I dare you to try to make sense of that.) Long story short I’m a simple man who may be a tad too in-touch with his feelings. Which I personally consider a strength. But it does come at the cost of observing behaviour thrust upon me and trying to deal with it without getting hurt feelings.

My day plan, to put it abruptly, was rejected by the group in favor of diverting all our energy to completing work that was due at 12 o’clock sharp. No brakes, No important discussion relevent to the project further down the line, No fun little distraction to boost moral. Just gettin’ it done!

I respect there wishes but feel imediately like something went wrong. Did I not speak with athourity enough? Do they not see me as a leader or am I just the guy who supplies candy to meetings?

But then again they were right. Had we followed my day plan chances are we never would have made the deadline. (Which by the way was sent off at exactly 12.00! Nice job, WBPG!) Which means my initial intentions were off. My natural leadership instincts are bogus! I’m freakin’ out!!

It feels like either way I’m screwed. =(

Two days left. Here’s hoping I feel different by Friday.


The Curse of the UnSAID!!

Remember that Ronan Keating song? “When you say nothing at all”, It’s a cute song. If you know someone well enough you know what they are thinking and no words need be exchanged. But one thing I’ve noticed is that there is a flipside to that lubby dubby crap. What about people you don’t know well. How does one interpret the silence? What if you know the person but find that what they say isn’t true.

When working in a group, communication is very important. If the group is going to be productive, moral is important. If the vibe in the group is bad then productivity is threatened. For example: Say someone in the group is behaving poorly. It’s clear that everyone else on the team is getting frustrated but no one openly says anything. No one tackles the problem and so the issue continues to devour the efforts of eveyone involved. It’s in moments like that something needs to be said.

In school we learned how to deal with that sort of situation by presenting the person with how you personally feel about it and allowing for there to be an open dialog. That way you allow for both you and the second party to take responsability.

I went for a walk with a “friend” and I can’t remember what we were talking about, suddenly I got this feeling she was trying to convince me that she was sooooo compassionate, and had an amazing capacity for love. My natural reaction was, “Yeah, well, we’ll see.” Why did she need to perpatuate that she was such a loving person. Loving people don’t need to do that, they just love people. I told her that actions speak louder then words and it was like she got mad at me for not understanding how immensely loving she so totally is. I guess that’s a case where the Unsaid smelling better then bullsh*t. (By the way that person has not to this day shown me all the “love” she is capable of and that was like the last time we hung out.)

In the end somethings that simply are, need not be said. Somethings however need to be addressed. If someone owes you money and unfairly pays you only half the amount you agreed upon. You better grow a pair and confront the problem. If you are that person that owes money and are afraid of letting the other person down. Ignoring it wont make it all go away. Be upfront. Put all your cards on the table, that way you can live life without regrets.

Less ye suffer the CURSE OF THE UNSAID!!! OOooooOOoohh!

10 year Aniversary Show at Södra Teatern

Last weekend was hectic! Right after school I met up with my sister and traveled to Stockholm! We got to stay at my cousin’s apartment while him and his family stayed at his mother’s. His father/my uncle is partly responsible for this gig. 10 years ago he was tasked (is that a word?) to start a Gospel Choir in Sofiakyrkan. Which isn’t a bad idea. Because of this more people go to that church. Addmitedly it’s the 50 plus choir members that fill the church outnumbering the 15 or so visitors. At anyrate the addition of the choir has been a blessing to pretty much all involved. It’s been around for a decade and that in itself is kinda awsome. Plus the fact that the very same day of the first day of choir practice was… well… 9/11 happened.

So it felt oddly approapriate that this celebration of an amature gospel choir in Stockholm fell on the same day as the ten year anniversary of THAT event. People gathering together with a simple goal. To sing praise. Whether they believe or not a positive message is being recieved. One member of the choir even shared with us his experience of actually being in New York on that faitful day.

But before all of that actually sank in it was still some gig me and my sister had to get through. As usual we are given next to no

Av Sandra Tillbom

information so naturally I assume that it’s basically the typical show with my uncle and his choir. To my supprise we are performing in front 500 people strong fully packed house. Södra Teatern. It is quite a wonderful stage to perform on. Blossom Tainton was there and did her thang, as well as the equally amazing Sandra Tillbom (buy her children’s book “Roliga Rumpor i Ruths Värld” today).

Blossom Tainton

When my sister and I took the stage we came “all young and hip” and totally floored the audience! We were a hit, and it was a shame that it felt like it was all over and done with in 15 min.

So keep an eye out for Sofia Gospel Choir’s new CD with guest soloists your’s truly and my sister.

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Project: 80’s Plot Cliché

Do you guys remember those movies (mainly family movies) in the 80’s and 90’s were the lead characters is driven to do some wild things all in the name of saving a youth center, or a small town, or… additional generic sympathy grabbing nobel cause. It’s become a bit of a cliché now, parodied quite well in Ali G Indahouse, and certain episodes of South Park. (Don’t judge me, I like high brow stuff too.) Well leave it to me to liken my life to a fictional family film.

At school we are given a project in which we are to enhance the conditions of Eriksbo. Ok, actually our job is to do a study on what the people of Eriksbo want to happen in thier town’s park and meeting center. Decidedly less dramatic but we have opptions that involve organising something big to get peoples attention and draw them to the park in order for us to do more analysis.

I can’t help but feel it would be great if we went all “Cuckoo’s Nest” on them. You know, just be ourselves in a drab colorless inviornment and inspire life in those around us. Allot of movies use this concept in story telling, Forest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Why should real life be any different?

I’m hoping to plan an event that will engage the towns people in a postive way and simultaniously give that park the Makeover it needs. Hopefully when we’re gone the park will just keep on keeping on.

Now we are given a side project we can use to help our larger endevour. Go to the authourities and ask for documents that can help us in the search for funding for this project. If I’m gonna be honest I couldn’t be more… bored. =( I know that this little exorcise is relevant and that I may only appreciate our God given right to know everything once I fully emersed in the drama of it all. I guess I should switch genrés from Family Comedy to Conspiracy Thriller if I’m gonna get through this one… alive!

Is it sick that I’m almost hoping to find that some of the dates on the files we look up coincide with a series unsolved gruesome murders? Well if the richest man in sweden’s private security force is hunting me down in the next couple of days, I’ll be sure to let you all know!

I Learned Something! I think…

When starting a project its a good idea to start with research. You gotta know the ins and outs, the alpha and omega of any subject concerning your project. That way you have answers or more importantly ask the right questions.

Here’s a question. How come I can read all the info there is about the 90’s tv favorite Quantum Leap on Wikipedia but have trouble finding the history of Eriksbo? Seriously I feel like and idiot. Liesurely reading info about stuff i will never have a need for is so easy it should be illegal and when it really comes down to accesing my brain to get relevent data it’s like… “Where do I find that on Google?”

I guess I’m having a stupid day. Everyone is allowed one. Sad thing is this is day two.. =(

Wish me luck readers!


Kulturverkstan SPOILER ALERT!!!

Ok so I haven’t been on point when it comes to posting bloggs lately. I went through a weird “emotional crisis” a couple weeks ago, I wrote a blogg about it but never posted it out of fear of getting hate mail from women everywhere… or those of them who read my blogg at least. Anyhoo, I have an update!

I’ve started studying at KULTURVERKSTAN in Gothenburg! With this education I’ll be able to call the shots and be a Cultural Project Leader! Sounds awsome, huh? So this blogg will hopefully include more school related info on the many projects I’ll be working on and just posting more often. I will however not exclude my thought on life in general and I will try to tell a funny anicdote or two.

Like for example:

I was told to read this awsome book, “KAN DU SÄGA SCHIBBOLET?” av Marjaneh Bakhtiari, before we started school. Well I forgot all about it and in another e-mail I was told to read another book, which I thought was the same book. So I read THAT one and it wasn’t untill I started school that I realised I had a 400 page novel I had to plow through before we were gonna have a discussion about the book. I’m an adult! This shouldn’t be happening. I should have covered all my bases. Here I am feeling like a teenager fretting over a book report!

Luckily, this novel is awsome! I love it! It’s everything you want in a story about familes and prejudice, where nothing big happens, it’s just life happening so to speak. It’s written so well, that even though it’s not a thriller, but it is somewhat exciting all the little revelations we find out about the characters, it’s very reminicent of the first season of LOST. Just more realistic. I recomend this book.

Now for the funny part. I still (as of writing this post) haven’t read the whole book. =S So the day comes when we all sit in a circle and talk about our impressions of the book, and I realise I got only one way out of this if I wanna at the very least seem serious about my education: fake it. For the record I am serious about my education, I am attending this school to learn how to plan my time more wisely. So, yeah in two years I wont have to lie in book clubs. Anyway, back to the story. I had read a great deal of the book and understood the rythum and theme of the book so I could allways par take in discussion. I had an answer for everything.. sort of. The worst part was this. If you ever find yourself in this situation I hope it not concerning a book you actually like because through out the day I had the sudden urge to shout, SPOILER ALERT!!!!

It sucks! My classmates gave away key scenes, even a character’s death, with no regaurd to spoilers warnings! It’s my own I know. On the bright side as I continue to read the book just for completion sake, and also it’s one of the best swedish novels I’ve read, (Did I mention it’s AWSOME?) I get this feeling like I’ve read it before but now I’m seeing more details.

“KAN DU SÄGA SCHIBBOLET?” is a great read. Dealing with cultural differences, multi-facinating characters, it’s a book that puts the humor and heart into the multi-cultural lives of human beings liveing in sweden. But don’t take my word for it…

(Cue Reading Rainbow Music Soundbite)

Here’s to the start of a new education, and birthing ideas the will last!

Rebuttle: GP on Lotsen

Rebuttle: GP on Lotsen

I was in the local newspaper the other day! Well, sorta. It was a picture of me doin’ my job. I was on a specially designed boat that allows tourists the abillity to sightsee the great city of Gothenburg. We call ourselves Lotsen, a variation on the term Lotsverket which comes from the name given to the service of apointing someone to show ships around the waters (to avoid pirates), and we are an alternative to the mega giants of canal sightseeing in this city Paddan (which directly translated means “the Toad”)
We are RC Cola and they are Coca-Cola in the grand scheme of things. “the Toad” has been around for years, it’s practically in the backbone of the city not to mention the citizens within. Lotsen owners were born in the 80’s and remember a time when everyone shouted the phrase “Cowabunga!” 
Anyway, this article written about the battle for customers is trying to be bias but since the GP logo is spotted on a number of Paddan boats it obvious they are both having sex and it’s not likely one will say bad about the other. 
I’m not one to nit-pick but the article feels like it was written by a highschool student analysing the Justin Beiber/Sean Kingston song. 
I love how the writer starts off by saying how impressive the drivers of the lotsen boats look with thier Naval Captain shirts. Then promptly says “but anyone can buy those, Paddan has piké shirts.” As if no one can by Piké shirt! 
This compitition is fierce too. Lotsen started with the original idea of having Hop on Hop off stations to coinside with the Stinsen train stops. Just a day or two before the Lotsen boat arived factory fresh Paddan put up Hop on Hop off posts at the same locations we had previously wanted!
Then paddan claims it was thier idea entirely. Of course.
They have hired people to sell tickets to the boats to unsuspecting tourists. Which gets weired when have of the people holding tickets waiting to get on our boat have allready paid for our rivals. The average tourist gets mad because they really don’t see the difference. Really? You don’t see the badly drawn frog mascott on thier boat? Now look at us. Slick. Simple. Less is more. 
Another thing the article brought up was that you don’t really learn anything when taking a sightseeing tour but imediately afterwards proceeds in telling the reader all they learned. Huh?
Two years ago was the first time I ever did Paddan. The guide wasn’t anything special the one thing I remeber, besides finding out Hissingen was an island, was this awful joke about the “Fish Church”. Look it up. It’s a real thing. Needless to say I went away thinking I could this job and much better. True to my word. Two years later. I’m the best guide ever! 
Sure, I’m iffy on details here and there but who else limbos under one of the low bridges! In the end your sightseeing expierience will vary from guide to guide. Paddan and Lotsen are very much alike and the differences are subtle at best. But before you spend your money ask yourself, “which one does Fillip work on again?”